World Cup 2022: Scenarios, bracket, standings, points tiebreakers as Uruguay eliminated on South Korea win

We’re reaching the business end of the World Cup group stage, with just two groups left on Friday. So far, France, Australia, Portugal, England, Senegal, USA, Netherlands, Argentina, Poland, Morocco, Croatia, Japan, South Korea, Spain and Brazil have qualified for the 1/8 finals. On Friday we conclude the group stage of the World Cup.

Looking at tiebreakers, the team with the most points advances, and the start is simple. If two teams have the same points, it goes to their total goal difference. If they are still tied, the team with the highest number of goals in the next place will be the promoted side. The rules will only be applied again if two tied teams play head-to-head. Thus, after the total points in those matches, there is a difference between head-to-head games and goals scored. If they go all the way and can’t be split, then it goes to a fair game system.

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The team with the least number of penalty kicks in the matches will advance. Thus, a team loses one point for one yellow card, three points for each red card for a second yellow card, four points for a straight red card and five points for a straight red card after a yellow.

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Here are the groups that include all the groups that have played two matches

Group A

  • Netherlands: Group winners.
  • Senegal: Second place.
  • Ecuador: Deleted.
  • Qatar: Deleted.

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Group B

  • England: Group winners.
  • United States: Second place.
  • Iran: Deleted.
  • Wales: Deleted.

Group C

  • Argentina: Group winners.
  • Poland: Second place.
  • Mexico: Deleted.
  • Saudi Arabia: Deleted.

Group D

  • France: Group winners.
  • Australia: Second place.
  • Tunisia: Deleted.
  • Denmark: Deleted.

Group E

  • Japan: Group winners.
  • Spain: Second place.
  • Germany: Deleted.
  • Costa Rica: Deleted.

Group F

  • Morocco: Group winners.
  • Croatia: Second place.
  • Belgium: Deleted.
  • Canada: Deleted.

Group G

  • Brazil: In the group for the last 16, you can either win or draw against Cameroon or lose to Switzerland.
  • Switzerland: A win or a draw against Serbia can make it to the last 16. A win in the group, a loss for Brazil, can create a three-goal gap.
  • Cameroon: Beating Brazil and losing to Switzerland, they can reach the last 16. They can also beat Brazil by more than one goal and advance to the last 16 with a draw between Switzerland and Serbia.
  • Serbia: Defeat Switzerland and lose Cameroon and can reach the last 16.

Group H

  • Portugal: Group winners.
  • Ghana: Second place by goal difference.
  • Uruguay: Deleted.
  • Ghana: Deleted.


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