Why ‘Yellowstone’ Has So Many Prequel and Spinoff Shows, Explained

A good beef chef can change anyone’s attitude. Even if you are a casual fan of Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone show world on the Paramount Network, you’ll know that its brand of bullfighting, whiskey sipping, and cow driving has conquered the country to become the most-watched show on cable television. Of course, it helped that the series about a family sitting on the crest of a fortune also featured enough violence to make Kevin Costner’s John Dutton look like Montana’s Tony Soprano.

But something happened to Sheridan’s body of work as she landed herself in more television series. There is King Tulsa — with Sylvester Stallone, Mayor of Kingstown with Jeremy Rennerand Yellowstone spinoffs 1883 and 1923. For every new line on Sheridan’s IMDB page, Yellowstone –the flagship series that rocked this empire—began to retreat. In Yellowstone, we would see a party of cowherds from time to time. Actor Luke Grimes got some serious B-roll time to promote his new country song. Our favorite characters made a comeback in their soap operas. At the same time, at the end of 1923the third episode—an innocent continuation of Yellowstoneof train prequel-spinoff-a surprise attack from a serial villain leads to great death and great danger for Harrison Ford’s Jacob Dutton. In the last few years, slowly Yellowstone down may have directed some well-earned attention to spinoffs like 1923. But if Yellowstone is gearing up for the eternity of the franchise, will his disgruntled fans continue to follow Sheridan to Paradise Valley?

For a quick look at fan reactions Yellowstone In Season Five, even the contestants are not happy with the direction of the show. “The show continues to descend into low-level melodrama soap opera,” one fan wrote on Rotten Tomatoes. “Taylor… you’re so thin.” The current season has a low 30% audience rating—a big drop from Season Four’s 79% and a big drop from Season Two’s high of 91%. “Did the writers run out of material?” reads other comments. “The characters say the same things … they do the same things … they’re so predictable. We love it Yellowstone, but these first two hours were DRY.” Wow. Meanwhile, critics love it 1923. “Awesome show, finally good content,” one Rotten Tomatoes user wrote. “The best TV has to offer,” gushed another. Indeed, bombing has plagued sites like Rotten Tomatoes for years now—and Yellowstone The faithful speak their minds, to say the least. But it feels like there is some truth in the critical chain.

So, why? 1923 where to succeed Yellowstone right? well, 1923 not only stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, but continues the Dutton family’s struggle during the most exciting time in American history. Yellowstone, which is still around in the present day, has been working with the same actors and familiar threats for five seasons. A sinister hedge fund called Market Equities wants to turn John Dutton’s farm into an airport, Thomas Rainwater wants to reclaim the land for conservation, and the estranged son, Jamie Dutton, will do anything to get revenge on his father who never showed up. any sign of love. Yellowstone it could have been an amazing drama when the characters were trying to kill each other, but now we are in a strange situation.

Sheridan may have gotten his start on a Montana ranch, but the busiest TV reporter in the business is definitely stretching his legs now.

Don’t count Sheridan out, though. It is still possible that the beginning of this summer Yellowstone Season Five, Part Two will prove that the past eight episodes were just the eye of the storm. Until then, it looks like Sheridan is having more fun with his other projects. 1923 has already confirmed a second season. Prison drama, Mayor of Kingstown, the second season has just begun. And the future Lioness will star Nicole Kidman, Morgan Freeman, and Zoe Saldana as undercover CIA officers.

Sheridan may have gotten his start on a Montana ranch, but the busiest TV reporter in the business is certainly stretching his legs now. Hell, that all sounds a lot more fun than it is now Yellowstone a plot about a bacterial disease that threatens John Dutton’s cattle. Season Four even sent one of the show’s characters, Jimmy, to Ranch 6666 in Texas, which has long been the location of a planned spinoff series. Jimmy learned how to be a real cowboy, got himself a real girlfriend, and had the best time in the south. Sure, you’d like to see more of that. But that’s the problem. Yellowstone it should stand on its own two feet—and not beg us to look over our shoulders for the next spinoff.

Either way, the 6666 the series is already close. Perhaps that is why, for Part Two, Sheridan sends half of Yellowstone crew at his Bosque Ranch in Texas, where the author—who plays horse trainer Travis Wheatly on the Paramount Network series—also lives in real life. If Part Two just sells us what we’ve been waiting for so long 6666 spinoff series, we’ll get our answer. Until then, I think it’s more horse montages.

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