What does Sandbox hold for the users in 2023? Can prices reach the targeted level

  • ATH for SAND is $8.44 and holders expect it to reach $10 by 2023.
  • Last year saw the highest number of unique users.

Amid the downward trend in virtual platforms, Sandbox managed to maintain its highest sales at the end of November. The platform is associated with the metaverse and the play-to-earn protocol and is an interface of Web3. Because the metaverse is an evolving concept, Sandbox is the most popular, gaining popularity and finding new areas of expertise. Formerly Gucci; Adidas Playboy Ubisoft Warner Music Company and Snoop Dog; It has partnered with popular brands such as Shaun the sheep and Smurfs. These relationships will certainly be beneficial as new developments emerge and already established brands will be involved.

According to recent circumstances, In light of the fact that the epidemic has not been eradicated and is still ongoing. Virtual reality (VR) platforms will surpass traditional platforms. The Sandbox platform is a shopping, virtual conferences; concerts, Facilitate activities like meetings and more. They will help to enter the mainstream and define the new definition of appearance and defining features of Web3. Therefore, Investing in SAND tokens could be a way to enjoy the transformational surge.

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Waveform of SAND

Source: SAND/USDT by Tradingview

SAND prices are showing bearish-influenced activity with prices falling below the 20-EMA to 50-EMA, establishing a bearish swing. Prices tend to consolidate throughout the year, driving investors out of the market. The volume is volatile and maintains a constant structure. Prices have been testing the support zone for the past few weeks. The MACD and RSI are reflecting prices to reach an extreme point, with opportunities to rise in the coming year.

Bear forces have placed sell orders in swings such as $2.50 and $1.10. Powerful sellers aiming to exit have balked at potential price increases due to turbulent market conditions. A bullish picture can be created if the prices break the 20-EMA. Strong bullish momentum could be established if SAND prices break above the 50-EMA mark and send prices to reach $10. Cumulative analysis suggests bulls dominate SAND.

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What can you invest in SAND yields?

for example, If you invest $500 in SAND. If you expect the metaverse industry to grow, You will get 1136 tokens at the current trading price of $0.44. If the token respects the possible bull run and reaches the target of $10, the investment of $500 will be worth $11360. The return on your investment will be almost 2100%.

If the predicted pattern holds, the initial quarter could pave the way for prices to reach target levels. Investors can collect SAND to book profits from the potential rise.

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Developers can trust the $0.008 support zone to invest in SAND. Indicators suggest growth potential with every development in the industry and continuous testing of new resistance zones.

Technical steps

Support level: $0.008

Resistance levels: $7.55 and $9.00


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