Vee24 Introduces WhatsApp Integration for Customer Assistance

WhatsApp integration opens up brands to a reliable channel for customer support.

Boston, February 1st 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vee24, a leader in person-to-person digital customer experience solutions, is proud to announce the recent launch of its asynchronous messaging integration. This new feature allows brands to engage with their customers through the world’s most popular messaging service, WhatsApp.

Vee24’s digital platform empowers customer-centric teams to sell online, To provide better customer service and high definition video chat; text chat; AI-enabled chatbots; collaborative search; screen sharing; Build brand loyalty through online appointment setting. And now chat equally. Brands can add a link to WhatsApp on their website and social media channels, allowing customers to send their inquiries to their customer service agents.

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An initial run of the integration with a Beta user showed promising results. Customer support for WhatsApp started in the days before Black Friday and immediately saw a higher than expected volume of incoming messages. Customers are happy to connect directly with the company through a reliable communication channel, and agents can help multiple customers at once.

The WhatsApp integration seamlessly pairs an extended user experience with the agent interface our customers use today. Users can initiate an incoming message at any time through their WhatsApp account. Messages go directly to the agent center, allowing product experts to handle multiple conversations simultaneously. Agents can then complete calls with surveys that feed into a comprehensive reporting suite.

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“This is a very exciting launch,” said CEO Tomer Azenkot. “WhatsApp integration not only provides a great customer experience in one preferred medium, but it also streamlines call centers as agents can help multiple customers. Vee24 also offers the benefit of being able to view customer conversations and have private conversations with agents. Stay up-to-date on agent listings that will soon be available to our WhatsApp users. It’s an efficient and user-friendly system for all involved.”

About Vee24
Vee24 helps leading brands deliver great one-to-one customer experiences that accelerate their digital business. Vee24’s digital customer experience platform features high-performance video chat; text chat AI-enabled chatbots; collaborative search; screen sharing; Supported by online appointment setting and more — customer-centric teams to promote online sales; We can provide better customer service; Build brand loyalty. Brands can seamlessly connect their virtual and in-person experience using this omnichannel customer engagement platform. Headquartered at Vee24. Boston, MA with European headquarters Macclesfield, England. Vee24 customers are retail, Includes leading industry brands in the automotive and financial services sectors.

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