Vancouver entrepreneur ready to help Canadian smokers kick the habit

Vancouver entrepreneur and former tobacco user Max Cunningham first chewed tobacco while playing team sports.

“Tobacco use was prevalent in the locker room. A lot of my friends chewed tobacco because it was part of the culture and still is,” Cunningham told Daily Hive. “Like many young adults around the world, when vaping first came on the market, I thought it caused no real harm to my health. But soon after I started, I felt my physical strength decrease specifically in my lungs and shortness of breath.

“Once I noticed the negative effects on my body I knew I had to stop, but after a few failed attempts I realized it wasn’t that simple.”

Cunningham is helping other Canadians on the same journey by launching Sesh+, one of the fastest growing smoking cessation brands in the nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) industry.



“I tried many alternative smoking products from the pharmacy but was not satisfied with the options available,” explained Cunningham. “That trip to try to quit made me realize that there were no products on the market that would appeal to the modern nicotine user. Nicorette and other options were unsatisfactory, and there was a negative stigma around trying to overcome addiction, the burden on mental health, and asking for support.

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“Sesh+ was my way of providing people with something that I knew worked, that was accessible, delicious, and not something you need to hide.”

Sesh+ Nicotine Gum is a registered natural health product that aims to reduce the motivation to consume tobacco and the physical and physiological symptoms of withdrawal through the delivery of nicotine. Each piece of gum releases nicotine for up to 30 minutes.

“Sesh+ stands out because we’ve taken 20 years of confectionery and food science and incorporated it into our products,” added Cunningham. “I really wanted to create a product that appealed and encouraged people to take that step to quit smoking and vaping, and that also provides the support that actually gives them the ability to quit altogether.”


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Cunningham explains that Sesh+ products are used by people from all walks of life, from firefighters to teachers, parents and young adults.

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“I think people sometimes see these products and jump to conclusions. But we are proud to create products that are removing the negative stigma associated with trying to quit nicotine addiction. We’re also not trying to get people hooked on a new nicotine product, but instead, reducing harm and reducing cravings with the ultimate goal of quitting altogether.”

Since launching in April last year, Sesh+ has proven itself $1.2 million in funding, is approaching $1 million in revenue, and is sold in more than 1,500 stores. The company also plans to launch its signature Sesh+ Plus App in 2023. The app provides virtual cessation support through personalized content and nicotine use tracking, creating a tangible record of the user’s progress.



“We are excited to launch the app,” said Cunningham. “It will be a simple, easy-to-follow personalized program for consumers based on their needs, wants and ultimate goals. The program will be designed by leading cessation clinicians and experts, offering that extra support if someone needs it.

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“I hope we will soon see a future without clouds of smoke. Quitting doesn’t have to be something people fear. There are ways to overcome the depth of addiction.”

For more information, visit the Sesh+ website here.


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