Tori Roloff Expresses Gratitude for Family on Thanksgiving

Tori Roloff is one grateful mother.

The Small People, Big World star, 31, shared photos of the family’s first Thanksgiving since welcoming son Josiah, 6 months, admitting the holiday “didn’t look as good as I would have liked this year” after the mother-of-three missed the celebration due to illness. .

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“I was supposed to host Thanksgiving dinner with my family at our house, and instead I had to cancel,” Tori wrote, noting that she’s “trying hard not to be emotional about it (especially since this is Josiah’s first thanksgiving) because today about being thankful.”

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Tori also has daughter Lilah Ray, who turned 3 last week, and son Jackson, 5, with husband Zach Roloff.

“It was hard to look at other people’s Instagrams today,” she continued. “Especially after I ordered Thai food by myself and it got canceled 45 minutes later…but I’m reminded that Instagram only shows us a few minutes, and I have a lot to be thankful for.”

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Tori Roloff/instagram

Tori praised Zach for taking care of the family while he was sick, adding, “He also took our kids to my MIL’s for Thanksgiving dinner and family! Zach always thinks of others first and I’m so proud of all the things he’s accomplished this year!”

Reflecting on the special year for the family, Tori said she was, “thankful for Josiah to join us safely, and that Jackson and Lilah have been two great brothers and sisters!”

Sharing more photos on her Instagram Story, Tori posed with a cup of instant noodles but later shared a photo of her three children celebrating with Zach at mom Amy Roloff’s house, stressing how happy she was that the two went out of their way to make sure our kids got . turkey dinner.”

Monique Serra

Last month, Tori shared a photo from Josiah’s first Halloween. One sweet photo showed Jackson, who was dressed in a classic black and yellow fireman’s uniform, looking sly as he leaned into Zach, who was not wearing a costume. Zaki held Josiah, who was dressed in a pumpkin costume, while Tori held Lila, who was dressed in a Dalmatian costume.

Tori also shared a close-up of Josiah on her stomach in her dress, looking at the camera.

“Day 1 of Halloween,” she wrote, revealing that the toddler was battling “two ear infections” but was still “cooperative” through her first trick-or-treating experience.

Tori Roloff/instagram

In the clip of the upcoming season of Small People, Big World shared by WATU last month, the couple walking home with baby Josiah in his car seat, ready to introduce him to his siblings.

Jackson runs straight to his mother, who instructs him to be “gentle.” The kindergartener was excited when he found out he had a new brother.

Lilah goes to the car seat, staring at the baby. He leaves for a moment before turning back and continuing to stare at her intently.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” the 5-year-old sings, jumping around and pumping his fists.

“We thought he was going to freak out or freak out, everyone was going to start crying … but it ended up being cute,” Zach says at the time in a confessional.


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