This TikToker’s Snack Of Tinned Mussels & Corn Crackers Has The Internet Obsessed

There is also the Internet. Obsession I couldn’t be happier with the armor fish this year. It has been a common snack since childhood. Cracked into smokestacks and spread over salted cans until dinner, a practice that still exists today. Fortunately, The rest of the world (mostly) now shares my love. A TikToker at the forefront of the fishy trend is Danielle (@dzaslavsky). Her version is a corn cake and mussels snack that really heightens the taste and texture experience.

Snack time is back #markyscaviar #smokedmussles #patagoniaprovisions

Snack time is back #markyscaviar #smokedmussles #patagoniaprovisions

Her video, which now has more than a million views, begins by saying she’s already eating a snack. As a self-proclaimed snack girl, I’m already sold. She opens a can of Patagonia Provisions smoked clams and tries a knife on her own, using a genius hack to smoke clams so they don’t spill oil.

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Then, Danielle is into good things. She wraps two clams with her chopsticks on top of a perfectly round corn cracker. I topped it with a spoonful of Momofuku chili paste, which I was told wasn’t necessary, and stuffed it in my mouth.

delicious Spicy I could only imagine in my mind the smoky explosion she was experiencing simultaneously. “Like bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, wow,” she said in the video.

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If not enough, If you’re wondering, She takes bougie caviar – Siberian sturgeon – and puts it into a tall cracker. It’s just the perfect amount and the perfect amount of creaminess,” she added. “Something’s going on here.”

Her page has several videos of her enjoying tinned fish-corn cracker snacks and caviar. And people love it. Comments read, “Girl you have a snack I’ve never tried before!” “When I want to snack, sometimes I mix Doritos with sour cream and put chocolate chips into marshmallows, but I’m happy for you.”

Mom, Caviar on my Christmas list; Don’t ask why there are dried clams and chili flakes.

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Get the snack here:

Patagonia Provisions Mussels, $8

Snack on corn crackers and mussels

Snack on corn crackers and mussels

These clams are from Patagonia’s website. Available on Amazon (though the selections are limited in flavor) or directly from Whole Foods.

Craize Thin & Crunchy Toasted Corn Crackers; $14.99 for a three-pack

Snack on corn crackers and mussels

Snack on corn crackers and mussels

Get super crunchy corn crackers from Amazon, Whole Foods, or Thrive Market.

Momofuku Chili Crunch; $9.99

Snack on corn crackers and mussels

Snack on corn crackers and mussels

Spicy ones from Amazon or Target. Order a crispy Momofuku chili topper or order from Whole Foods.

Siberian Sturgeon Caviar, $70

Snack on corn crackers and mussels

Snack on corn crackers and mussels

ok Yes, This caviar is an expensive addition to a snack. But if you can splurge, go for it. But a small meal would be delicious without it.


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