The Practice of Democracy in America: A Choice or Tradition?  

Jones Mallay joins the conversation

The nature of democracy is such that it should be practiced on the basis of choice rather than on the basis of force. It may be recalled that former Republican President Paul Ryan once remarked, “America is the oldest democracy in the world.” PolitiFact confirmed that Ryan’s claims were true. Athenians should have every reason to be upset with the claims of PolitiFact and former President Ryan. In 507 BC, the Athenian leader Cleisthenes introduced a system of political reforms that he called “democracy,” or “rule by the people,” a form of government that quickly spread around the world by those who claimed to be lovers of democracy Should Former President Ryan and PolitiFact Be Known as Modern Liars?

The dawn of American democracy did not come in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution did not go into effect until 1788, when the US Constitution was in progress during the American Revolution, also called the US War of Independence between 1775 and 1783, which fought against imperial rule. But the governing book of the Constitution tells Americans that July 4, 1776 was the beginning of American democracy. If we recognize that 1776 was the magic day, it means that American democracy will be 246 years old in 2022. Former President Lincoln once remarked, “Government of the people by the people” sounds interesting, but how many Americans believe that this is true?

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Americans should know that democracy was born in the 1700s to replace imperialism, which was one of the byproducts of US war, including slavery. It seems that democracy in the 1700s was mandatory to eliminate all imperial forms of government by giving the people power to decide who ruled them. However, 246 years later, democracy is becoming a matter of choice rather than a tradition to uphold, especially when one reads former President Trump’s anti-democratic playbook in which he cried foul about the characteristics of the elections as stolen. A claim supported by his thousands of silent supporters, including the Republican Party, the second party in government in the US, which is worrying.

American democracy at 246 years old has not been subjected to political assessments to determine its strengths and weaknesses since 1776; therefore, no American knows its impediments, except when former President Trump challenged the electoral aspect of the American democratic process indicating that democracy is no longer a tradition to be protected, but a choice to be made for defend democracy or reform it. Democracy has multiple segments. One of these segments is the one that involves putting leaders in power through an electoral process by putting their ballots in a ballot box or voting machines, but what guarantee are these processes?

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Elections are the segment of democracy that contains enormous weaknesses. It can be manipulated and tempered. Undermining the electoral process cannot be ruled out, judges are likely to side with an alleged winning candidate in an election, especially when election results end up in the Supreme Court, changing election results cannot be downplayed, voting machines can be manipulated. possible, the change of electoral results is also likely in democracy from my African experience.

Former President Trump’s classification of the 2017 election result as a stolen election led to the January 6 riots in which Trump’s supporters (the Republican Party, Trump’s staunch silent supporters, and sympathizers) soon developed a terrible mentality that the election was effectively stolen. Trump’s actions undermine America’s 246-year-old democracy. However, rigging elections is a common practice in democracy, especially in Africa.

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Trump’s action is an indication that democracy is now a matter of choice rather than a tradition to be protected. Africa has been in a systemic political crisis since independence in the late 1960s due to stolen elections and manipulations of democracy in favor of one, often resulting in civil wars, ethnic cleansing or countless military couples. History has shown that anti-democratic forces often outnumbered the forces of democracy, especially in Africa.

Anti-democracy troops usually prefer power through abnormal processes, such as stolen elections, military takeovers, or coups. Democrats represent the democratic forces in America. Can they triumph over former President Trump’s anti-democratic forces? They need a mindset that democracy is manipulating the form of government, voting can sometimes be fraudulent and elections are not guaranteed. The Democrats’ impeachment of Trump and their investigation into the January 6 riots are legitimate democratic processes.

Still, Trump, the Republican Party, silent supporters and Trump sympathizers see all democratic movements as witch hunts or anti-democratic movements against him. The end of 246 years of democracy under Republican rule is 100% likely when they take over the House and Senate.


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