The Internet Can’t Stop Talking About 2023 Oscar Nominee “My Year of Dicks” — And Rightfully So

Thousands of people tuned in to the 2023 Oscar nominations on Tuesday (January 24) and giggled like middle schoolers in their first sex education class after Riz Ahmed expertly announced “My Year of Dicks” as the best animated contender. He was left with a short type and laughter from the audience.

The humorous name of the short left much to be desired. Watching Ahmed’s announcement over and over again. To study briefly and curiously.

Created by Sara Gunnarsdóttir, the short begins in August 1991 and follows the diary of a teenager as Pam recounts her journey to losing her virginity. The short – clocking in at 25 minutes – combines various animation styles and techniques.

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Want to learn more about “My Year of Dicks”? Here’s everything you need to know, including how to watch.

What is “My Year of Dicks”?

“My Year of Dicks” is a short comedy told over five episodes based on Pamela Ribon’s autobiography. Notes for boys: Other things that shouldn’t be shared in public. Ribon adapted the work for the screen, working with Icelandic director Sara Gunnarsdóttir to bring the vision to life.

The animated short follows Pam, a fifteen-year-old girl trying to lose her virginity. Like most girls who live in a dirty world, She runs into some roadblocks.

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Throughout her journey, rude boys, He has to endure uncomfortable conversations with his father (using his mother as an example to urge him to avoid sex because it is not pleasurable for women; yuck!) and embarrassed giggles from crushes (“Pam, do you think Big Bird is a real bird?”).

“My Year of Dicks” explores the best and worst parts of teenage life—first love; The first disappointment It takes a feminist perspective on the topic while using nostalgia such as first sex.

How to watch “My Year of Dicks”

You can watch “My Year of Dicks” for free on Vimeo. The short total runtime is 25 minutes and 40 seconds.

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“What is My Year of Dicks? Will it compete at the 2023 Oscars?

“My Year of Dicks” Charlie Mackesy and Matthew Freud; “My Year of Dicks” opposite Charlie Mackesy and Matthew Freud from “Ice Merchants” by Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby João Gonzalez and Bruno. “An ostrich told me the world was a lie and I thought I believed it” and “An ostrich told me the world was a lie” by Lachlan Pendragon at the 2023 Oscars with Caetano and “An ostrich told me the world was a lie” see all the nominations here.


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