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Seattle Nail Supply – Taking a moment to sit down and get a manicure is a modern luxury. Curved and shaped nails can lift your day, just like a hand massage, a glossy nail polish. However, if you have been out of the manicure game for a while, there are many options. From gel to shellac, powder acrylic, what do you choose? Let’s take a look at the main points to consider when choosing a nail salon.

Regular polish: The cheapest nail polish option, regular polish can be removed at home with acetone and lasts about a week. Price: $20-35

Seattle Nail Supply

Yellow: Yellow polish is shiny and natural looking. This is more durable than your regular manicure and will last 2-3 weeks. Yellow polish cannot be dried and must be cured under a UV lamp. To remove the polish, you will need to soak your nails in acetone or go back to the salon to remove it. Price: $25-45

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Shellac: A hybrid between regular and yellow polish, the advantage of shellac polish is that it can last for more than a month. Like gel polish, shellac cures and hardens under UV light. Price: $35-45

Acrylic: If you are looking for artificial nails, acrylic nails are the most durable type of nail products. A layer of liquid and powder is placed over your natural nail and an acrylic tip is attached. Style and polish as you normally would. Expect acrylic nails to last about 3 weeks, then return to the salon to “fill” any exposed areas for natural nail growth. Price: $35-50 complete set, $20-30 filling

Dipping powder: Instead of polish, your nail color comes from a bucket of colored powder. The nail tech will apply a coat of sealant, then soak your nails in the pigment, and repeat. Dip powder nails are durable and will last 3 weeks or more, but your nails will look thicker than regular polish. Price: $45-50

Prices vary from salon to salon depending on the salary of the staff, the products they use and overhead such as rent, taxes and utilities.

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Unless you live in New York or Texas, there is no set method for cleaning and sanitizing craft tools. If the nail salon does not clean their equipment and facilities properly, you are at risk of contracting many fungal and bacterial diseases and viruses. Wherever you are, here are some things to consider or ask your professional before sitting down for a manicure.

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Yes! Do not use the five most harmful ingredients used in non-toxic nail polish or 5-free nail polish. Your nail polish should not contain any of the following: toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. Brands like OPI Infinite Shine, Butter London and Jin Soon all offer 5 free nail polishes. Usually, nail salons allow you to bring your own color for your manicure.

Waxing any part of your body (except the upper lip) requires an esthetician or cosmetologist license. Consider incorporating services such as permanent makeup, microblading, brow/bone extensions or other medical services such as Botox. These services require additional training and licensing to operate. If you are waxing in a nail salon, make sure that the wax container is covered and any wooden sticks are single-use and new.

As you would every time you leave your home and enter someone else’s business, behave yourself. Loud talking and eating are strictly prohibited in the nail salon. Adjust the length, shape and color of your nails with your nail technician. When in doubt, post a close-up picture. If your nails chip or break (within 24 hours for a regular manicure or 5 days or less for gel, shellac or acrylic), call the salon ahead of time and ask about their policy and set a good time for you to come home. Right. If you bring your child and they sit on a chair or have their nails painted, expect to pay $10-20 for the luxury. Advice from nail salons is expected and appreciated. Contribution amounts can vary, but 20% is standard.

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Amazing service all around! I drive all the way from South Seattle to see Anna! It can be very difficult to find an artist as good as this… and that matches their service standards. I also like the ability to book in advance with I’m glad I found Anna in a friend letter 😀 Show more

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Anna is surprised. Such attention to detail and knowledge. I drive from Kenmore to have her do my nails because she is worth it!!

Love my nails! They are perfectly shaped to have the pointed nails I want. She helped me choose colors that matched my perfect look and sold me glitters that I love. 10/10. Produce more

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Anna is a wonderful artist who loves to make people feel good about themselves. He is amazing in his craft.

Anna is a real singer! She will take your nail inspiration and transform it with her artistic skills for something better…practical! You never feel rushed. I drive long distances to see him – he is worth it! Produce more

Anna was very attentive and kept in touch with me during my appointment to make sure I was satisfied. You have done a fantastic job!

Anna and Hen do not disappoint! My husband falls asleep every time I work with them and I always leave feeling comfortable. Sal … on is peaceful and the women have great attention to detail. It’s always fun! 🥰 Show more

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Anna is the only person I see! I really consider him my friend. I love him so much Xoxo

Anna is a true artist and very professional. He checks in with you throughout the process to make sure you’re happy with the plan. I would love to see some of your nail art on Instagram 🙂 Show more

Anna is true!!!!! I’m so glad I found him. Definitely the nail technician I’ve been looking for since I moved to Seattle. My trust is in His hands…and vision. I can finally express myself again with my nails. Really, the shop is quiet, clean and Anna is professional and easy to talk to. He has it! 11/10 recommend… Thanks so much, Anna! You are amazing

SNS Gelous Dip Powder in Seattle offers a new experience in sexy pedicures and manicures. The fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. A UV lamp is not required with monomers. Immersion system lasts more than 14 days. The system works well with SNS Gelous Base, Gel Top and Sealer.

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Vegetable Or Hand & Nail Brush

Recommended use: Apply a full coat of color with a thin layer of yellow base (yellow base will not work). Copy the second part in the same color as the base. Finish with a sealer before applying natural set hair and gel tip, then buff and texture.

Whether you are looking for nail salon equipment for your business or personal use, we are your online store for a wide variety of beauty products at the best prices in Australia. Find nail care and accessories as well as waxing products, tanning products and more.

You can enjoy free Australian shipping on all orders over $150. If you have any questions about the American Beauty shopping experience or our products, please contact us.

*Note: Colors may vary depending on usage and the color rendering of your device. If you are not satisfied with the color you received, that’s no problem, just leave the product unopened and return it in its original condition for an exchange or 100% refund. Refunds and exchanges are not accepted if the item has been opened or used

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The trainer was full of knowledge and was happy to share his knowledge throughout the course. He was happy to answer many questions, answered clearly and without difficulty. This SNS dip powder tutorial exceeded all my expectations. The course is really amazing and the information was presented very clearly and accurately and you will take all the published courses to speak when and if you need. You also get a basic starter kit with everything you need to use what you’ve learned. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their SNS skills, I am a qualified nail technician and have learned a lot. A big thank you to SNS Australia in Lansvale. Lynn.

Thanks for the quick service and great gift for the service.

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