Rock & Brews CEO Talks Trends In Entertainment And Casino Gaming Trends

The food and beverage industry has recently experienced incredible growth within the casino space. Although there was a drop in demand in the year following the pandemic, many restaurants are now taking advantage of the demand for retirement. In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association, 70% of consumers have expressed a desire to gather in public buildings, including restaurants.

Before the pandemic, casinos had already started working to overcome outdated business models, as well as looking at new ways to approach the dining experience. Gone are the days when the casino restaurant focused on ubiquitous buffets and high-end restaurants. The casino experience has now merged into one complete experience by including not only gaming, but entertainment and dining as well. This is all part of a larger trend of “eat-out” enhancements that the casino seemed determined to conquer.

While gaming is their bread and butter, casino operators are committed to providing the best, all-inclusive experience. In this highly competitive market, casinos must offer a unique experience to get consumers to stay at the property. According to LaneTerralever’s Nick Dan-Bergman, “The variety of dining and entertainment a casino offers can be a big driver of loyalty, but operators need to consider the preferences of different generations.” For example, a recent study of gamer trends found that Gen Z prefers to spend loyalty program rewards on friends and family, while Boomers prefer to spend rewards on free meals and free games. There is an opportunity to appeal to both, but you have to understand the player’s mindset to understand the role of the meal in their overall experience with the casino.

I had the opportunity to speak with Adam Goldberg, CEO of Rock & Brews and gained insight into how the restaurant experience is being integrated into the casino industry and how these trends will be around in the near future.

Jeff Fromm: How has Rock & Brews met the customer challenge of having a digital customer journey that may differ from the physical journey? What important lessons can you share?

Adam Goldberg: Rock & Brews Experience has embraced the digital journey and is used as a marketing tool to personalize and target clear messages that lead to increased frequency and impactful experiences on the casino floor.

Fromm: What are the main trends you see in the Tribal Gaming market?

Goldberg: One of the main trends at Tribal Gaming is partnering with brands like ours to improve the gaming experience. Rock & Brews immerses users in a concert-style environment of high-quality audio-visual experience that takes them back to the ultimate rock music experience. Offering delicious food, a wide selection of beer, and Rock-tail drinks, Rock & Brews is where rock power fuels gaming fun.

Rock & Brews is a staple of frequent, honest, and general gaming experiences that add elevation to the gaming floor.

Fromm: When you think about combining passion with food, music and entertainment at the heart of your brand’s DNA, how do you feel about incorporating consumer culture trends into your customer experience? What can other directors learn from your approach?

Goldberg: Our team pays attention to what our customers want. As entrepreneurs and operators ourselves, we understand the need to be flexible and work with casino management teams to provide players with great food and an exciting gaming experience.

The formula for success is constantly being developed for each venue whether it is the addition of a unique rock n’ roll floor or a concert bar with a strongly curated music list and a “live” band stage. Our design team works with casino management and tribal leadership to create a fun and exciting gaming environment that players want to experience.


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