Ride Operator Job Description

Ride Operator Job Description – A SUBJECT park employee who works on attractions has discovered the worst things that can happen to them on the job – including a guest with diarrhea behind the wheel.

Reddit’s “Reddit theme park workers, what’s your horror story?” In the topic titled, employees shared the worst moments of their work.

Ride Operator Job Description

One of the men said he got into the car on a particularly hot day and a person fell into one of the seats.

Palace Playland (june Arrival)

“I’ve worked on several different kilos during a very interesting summer at this theme park, but most of the horror stories come from one ride in particular. Control.

“Instead of being in a normal state of panic, I found a greenish-brown liquid spread all over the front of the car from the seat to the floor.

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“Everyone who came last in the race was pissed off and didn’t bother to tell anyone.

But trying to clean up human feces in 100+ degree weather, trying to get off the floor of a car where you have to kneel down and put your head on top of the car to get in front is something I never imagined. My worst nightmare.”

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They wrote: “I complained that there was a terrible smell in there, people walking around trying to find it. It turned out that someone smeared the glasses and the floor of the room with human ***. And the people they crawled into.

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“You put them in your clothes and spread them all over your gear. We have to close the trip.”

One of the biggest problems they face is people trying to come on board when they are too young or too old.

Carnival Ride & Hayride Operator At Fall Festival, In Orem

A car operator said: “I have seen many times people try to get their children on the ride.

“It’s gotten to the point where I stop being nice and tell people their kids are suffering. I wish parents could jokingly hit their kids in the head with a height stick and say ‘haha they’re tall now!'”

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“It’s always been a bit difficult, and some people don’t understand that you can’t ride a bike if you can’t wear a seat belt.

“The sad thing is that we often tell people it’s too big and won’t fit, and they’ll start arguing with us and yelling at us to push the actual bar harder.”

Palace Playland (may Arrival)

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