Residents of Rock River and Mocho in Clarendon now have internet access

Rock River Square in North Central Clarendon

Students living in Rock River and Mocho in Clarendon North Central now have access to free and secure internet through community Wi-Fi hotspots installed by the Universal Service Fund (USF).

Connections began in both areas Wednesday under USF’s Community Wi-Fi program.

Rock River Basic, Rock River Primary; Institutions such as Brixton Hill Primary and Lennon High School are expected to benefit the most. Business owners and other residents will also be able to access the connections.

Minister Robert Morgan, who did not take responsibility for information from the Prime Minister’s Office, said he was urging hotspots near schools to help bridge the digital divide for students in rural areas. To provide them with “opportunities to participate in global educational and entertainment venues.”

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“Where is the world going? [the] Internet and access to the Internet is a priority. In fact, Internet access can be considered a human right. If people are not allowed in, they are at a disadvantage,” he said.

Morgan noted that most parents in these communities cannot afford to purchase data to access online classes and other resources for their children. He pointed out that other Wi-Fi hotspots have been set up in Chapelton and Stewarton.

“The last one we’ll get is at Beckford Kraal [which] One of the largest communities in North Central Clarendon,” he advises.

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At the same time, USF’s director of procurement; Agency by Melissa Taylor Simon Elementary and Toddler School; Main Ridge Elementary School; Chapelton All-Age School; Woodhall Elementary School and the Sangster Heights Community Resource Center are equipped with Internet connections, he said.

“Besides, May Pen Hospital and Branch Library under the island-wide broadband initiative; Lennon High School; Clarendon College; Clarendon Health Center; May Pen Police Station Chapelton Post Office; [and] All police stations have benefited from USF’s support in absorbing the cost of internet bills,” she revealed.

Nadine Raymond-Sharpe, principal of Rock River Primary, noted that exposure to technology allows parents to work better with their children. [they are] To do their research and communicate more effectively domestically and internationally.”

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“Especially those who can’t afford to buy data. Our parents will be happy too. “Now they come to the city center to use the Internet,” he said.

Raymond-Sharpe said the hotspot is an asset that will help residents “become something more competitive and marketable in the global economy.” [environment]”

Brixton Hill Primary School principal Leon Clair, who welcomed the project, said the paradigm shift in the education sector was ongoing.

“It’s not chalk;[talking]’There are no more whiteboards and markers in the school. We now distribute information using the Internet. [to] Different stakeholders,” he said.


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