Quantum computing – opportunities and threats – Johann Mifsud

Quantum computing is being hailed as a turning point in technology that promises to hold more computing power than is currently available.

According to the saying, It’s like comparing the horse and cart to rocket technology. Rather than using existing logic tools. Quantum technology uses atomic phenomena and the laws of quantum mechanics as computing tools.

Currently, large corporations and countries are investing in these technologies, claiming that they have operational tools. However, these devices are commercial; Although not yet available as operational products, they will be used as test installations in research laboratories.

On the other hand, Such computing power is useful and promises to be a solution to many problems that we cannot solve with current technology, but on the other hand, we know that it will open up real problems that can have far-reaching implications. Especially in the field of security. What would our Internet-based economy look like if we had a computer that could guess every single password?

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The answer to that question is obvious and implies that such technologies are capable of compromising any existing form of secure communication. Because all communications with such systems can be encrypted, this has led to intense technological competition at the national level. From then on, there’s no turning back, and existing security protocols are no longer useful. Therefore, Many research efforts are underway to develop new communication protocols and encryption methods that can be used in the quantum era.

Many research efforts are being made to develop new communication protocols and encryption methods that can be used in the quantum era.

At the back of the argument, Unlimited ‘computing power’ technology could be the key to solving problems unreachable by current methods. For example, using quantum computers to power AI machines. for example, This opens up possibilities such as language recognition machines that have truly human-like abilities, and evolving algorithms.

Another field of application is material science. Can we find materials that can boost our solar panels five times? Similarly, Quantum computing can help us make industrial processes more efficient or reinvent entire manufacturing processes. Manufacturing processes for materials such as fertilizers and construction materials are currently major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. The development of climate-friendly technologies will allow us to significantly reduce carbon emissions, which will benefit us all.

Quantum computing technology is advancing at a faster pace than ever before, so we won’t have to wait much longer for it to make major breakthroughs in the areas we’ve mentioned and much more.

This article was prepared by compiling various publicly available online sources.

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