Potter thinks Chelsea ‘looked like a good team’ in ‘pleasing performance’ against Man City

Graham Potter was hoping to use Wednesday’s Carabao Cup tie against Manchester City to “find out more about the team”, hoping to see some improvement from the recent games we’ve suffered, such as the Arsenal defeat or the Brighton defeat.

And so, mission accomplished with a defeat to Manchester City.

We’ve looked… better than we have in the last two Premier League games, but you might think there’s no way we’ve looked worse. It might look the same, but we didn’t, so here’s something to hang your hat on. Or wear all your hats.

And goals change games, so scoring a goal or two can really make a difference.

And Potter probably learned a few more things, like Lewis Hall and names Omari Hutchinson Lewis Hall. At least I can assume he did. He had to come out with a ray of light to make such a brilliant assessment [FUNNING] Sunshine on a cold wet night in Manchester.

“I liked it a lot. We created big chances and attacked well. We weren’t perfect but we did a lot of things right in the game. It was a nice performance, a step forward in how we want to play.

“I’m disappointed with the result, but I’m happy with the performance. We had great opportunities. You can’t get any bigger here. It was a big feat for us to try to play. Children showed quality and courage. I really liked what we did today.

“We could have done better for their goals. The wall can do better. These are small things you can improve on, but performance wise I’m really happy.

“I always worry if we don’t get results. In the last two games, our performances were not what we wanted. But today we wanted the team to be what it was. We looked like a good team.”

– Graham Potter; Source: Sky via BBC

Guys, we’re done. We looked the way we wanted to look, played the way we wanted to play, and braved the way we wanted to be. Big opportunities. great.

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I think I really forgot about winning after such an amazing game of football. Oh! We’ll get them next time!

We look forward to seeing more of that at the weekend against Newcastle United in a game that really matters. Hashtag believes in process. Hashtag we must suffer. Hashtag real change doesn’t happen overnight. There are no hashtag shortcuts. Hashtag for winter break.

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If you want more positivity in your life, here’s Graeme Potter’s hilariously brief official press conference after the match – the above quotes are from a tunnel interview with Sky Sports – as journalists rush over themselves to ask questions after such an event. positive performance. (Credit Adam Newson for two questions.)


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