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Nail Puller Crescent – Size: 16 inches The Crescent CODE RED Adjustable Pry Bar is one item in a complete line of new demolition, repair and construction tools by Crescent. Length (inches) (in.): 16, Finish: Black Oxide, Tip: Polished, Finish: Nail, Handle: Comfortable, Durable, Two-Tone Tire Treatment, Jaw Type / Opening Capacity: Fix 3, Length ( -feet) : 16 .com — — Prepare your next project with Crescent’s Code Red renovation and demolition tools, designed with input from industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. The Crescent DB16 16-inch Adjustable Pruning Bar has adjustable jaws that open up to 5-1/2 inches in 1/2-inch increments. It is suitable for fixing and fixing boards, pulling long nails, spacers, hammering nails and boards, and fixing boards and tools. The forged steel head and handle make for a sturdy tool and the rubber grip provides comfort and control. The locking knob on the adjustable jaw allows the extra wide teeth to slide and grip onto boards, tools and other materials for pulling, hauling and straightening. The jaws also have fully adjustable, extra deep jaws with flexible feet to provide maximum reach and power to pull the longest nails and an excellent nailing head. The comfortable, durable two-tone rubber grip provides control and increases safety while exerting force while working or performing tasks. It’s finished with a split bar pattern for high power separation and great nail traction. pry ( Divide the row bar (see large (https:// images )). Jaws ( Jaws open to 5-1/2 inches (View Large ( )). Code Red’s repair and demolition tools are designed around powerful innovations that allow you to attack renovation projects from the best angle, adjust your tools to the job, and get the job done quickly and easily. And they are built to survive the toughest demolition jobs. What’s in the Box —————— Crescent DB16 16-Inch Adjustable Pick Bar About Crescent ——————– ————————————————– – in 2007, the brand adjustable bracket The Crescent is a signature tool and a symbol of true America. It is praised by retailers and homeowners for its practicality and durability. Today, Crescent offers many high quality tools, including tongue and groove pliers, locking pliers, screwdrivers and nut drivers. Crescent Logo DB16 16-Inch Adjustable Pry Bar ——————————— At a Glance —- – – —- * * Flexible jaws and Grab for Grobabing * active jaws open up to 5-1/2 inch head adjusts nail pulling * 2012 Editor’s Choice Award Winner

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Price: Unspecified Warner Pry Bar for molding and trim removal, Painter Series, 10350ABy manufacturer warning4.7 from OMNin 5-8 days6,400 OMR

Nail Puller Crescent

Price: Unspecified Duckbill Deck – Deck Removal Tool and Pallet by Duckbill Deck Wrecker 4.8 from to OMAN within 5-8 days 90,400 OMR

Crescent Mb12 335mm 12

Price: not specified ARES 70185-8-inch Indexable Pry Bar – 11-Position Adjustable Angle Pry Bar – High Strength Chrome Vanadium Steel At ares4.7from to OMANin 5-8 days1,000 OMR

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Hammer Nail Puller

Is the Crescent 16 Adjustable Pry Bar with Nailer DB 16 for sale in Oman?

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Any cookie that may not be specifically necessary for the website to function and is used to collect personal information from the user through analytics, advertising, or other embedded features is called non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to obtain permission from the user before using these cookies on your website.• The Crescent 19-inch Forged Alloy Nail Puller is a must have for professionals and home owners alike due to its functionality and strength.

• Features a rugged, integrated jaw design and extruded alloy construction built to last under tough operating conditions.

• Perfect for creating a rare manicure, the design is available in a long jaw or a short jaw, both with an enamel edge for added durability.

Vintage Antique Crescent No 56 Suregrip Slide Hammer Nail Puller Tool Cast Iron

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Features • Durability – high performance alloy steel, black finish and anti-rust • Simplicity – comfortable and non-slip thermoplastic handle • Reliable – Patented…

Features • Our patented Titanium Clawbar Nail Puller with Dimpler creates a wrap around the nail head that allows the nail to slide down, reducing the chance of swelling…

Features • 10″ double in nail puller • Forged high carbon steel • Heat treated for durability • Polished, smooth nails allow for accurate nail pulling and pulling • …

Crescent Db24 24 Inch Adjustable Pry Bar With Nail Puller: Buy Online At Best Price In Uae

• Cushion grip • Edge type: Standard • Cutting capacity 12 AWG • Length 210 mm • Nose length 10 mm • Nose width 44 mm • Maximum thickness 13 mm • Cut…

Features and specifications • Cutting blade width 200 mm (8″). • Tenite molded handles • Edge type: Standard • Cutting capacity 10 AWG • Length 213 mm • Nose…

• High voltage design • Isolated mounting. • Made in the USA and finished in Australia.

Features • Our smaller, “bottom up”, version of the original TiBone stick. • Incredibly strong, powerful and 10 times lighter than steel…

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Features • 2 bright LEDs • 3 on/off modes • 3 integrated neodymium magnets • Extra elastic cord • Durable polycarbonate…

Features • Heavy duty cutter. • Heavy duty induction cutting machine. • High voltage design. • Covered handle. • Tool steel is hard and resistant to high strength…

Features • Combat handle design. Includes • 3.0 x 100mm slot • 3.5 x 100mm slot • 4.0 x 100mm slot • 5.5 x 125mm…

Features • Voltage detection range 12-600V AC, 50-60Hz • Adjustable sensitivity allows monitoring

Crescent 56 Home Hand Tools Nail Pullers

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