Lily-Rose Depp Talks Nepotism Criticism And More

Even though Lily-Rose Depp is trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood, some people just can’t get past her last name.

In a recent interview with Elle, Lily-Rose responded to accusations that her career was taking a leap because she was the offspring of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

Lily-Rose told Elle: “It seems like the internet cares a lot about that sort of thing. People have preconceived notions about you or how you got there. I can definitely say that nothing will get you beyond being right for the part.”

“The Internet cares more about who your family is than the people pushing things on you. You kick in the door with your foot, but you still have your foot in the door. There’s a lot of work to be done later. That.”

Saying “people on the Internet care” is certainly an understatement; Because a quick search on Twitter will show a string of tweets calling her a “racist kid,” like this one:

Now I miss Lily Rose… Your father was in both of your first roles. The accusations of the Nepo child are not shut up in the slightest.

Twitter: @kates___bush

And this one

Don’t ppl understand that Lily Rose depp wouldn’t be famous if it wasn’t for her parents?? As if it wasn’t really “work” for her career, she handed it over to her parents’ guardians. Is that the job of nepotism??!!

Twitter: @austinspriscila

But according to Lily-Rose, women in Hollywood are not as divided and criticized as men.

“It’s weird to discount the idea that a person is there because they’re a generation. That doesn’t make sense.”

“If someone’s mom or dad is a doctor, and a kid becomes a doctor, they say, ‘Well, your parents are doctors, so you’re going to be a doctor.’

She added that she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that women force this label on them more than men.

But Lily Rose is still busy signing up no matter how she feels. You can catch her in the upcoming HBO series. Idol. 2023 with The Weeknd and Den Levy.


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