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Lennys Job Board

After two and a half years of publishing this newsletter weekly, we now have over 150 posts. Finding it has become a problem. So let’s fix it. Below, I’ve compiled my best posts from day one to date, ranked by popularity across nine topics:

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From now on, I’ll make this post a live document to see the best post on any channel, so bookmark it for future reference. And have fun!

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Flexjobs vacancy no. Verified Remote Jobs 1. They’ve been doing this for years, it used to be cool.

No One’s Ever Really Gone

Y Combinator offers seed funding to startups. And with these new businesses, they have new jobs to offer.

Search technical marketing jobs. Whether you’re looking for your first marketing job or a CMO, you’ll find roles at startups, big tech, and everything in between.

With tools and tips, Joblist can help you narrow down your list of posts/companies and make your job search more human.

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Head Of Product @ Fiveable

Having a large community is powerful. This can open up many possibilities for you that you may not have imagined before.

Join the Hubstaff network, build your talent profile and let the best hiring managers find you!

Product Search is not only a great product listing, but also a great job listing. Jobs in companies are already killing them there.

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One of the largest remote recruiting platforms. They have a process to connect talented people with large remote companies.

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Q: When is the right time to hire your first full-time developer? What should I look for when raising wages?

Paul Graham teaches us: “Startup = growth. Growth is what matters. Everything else we associate with startups comes from growth.” So hiring the first lift is one of the most important things you do. To answer your question, I turned to Elena Verna, one of the smartest people I’ve ever met (and tried to convince). write a guest post for almost a year. Below, Elena generously shares her six hard-earned lessons about growth recruiting. Over the past 10+ years, Elena has helped hire and build growth teams at companies such as Netlify, MongoDB, HP , and Krisp, and previously at Miro, SurveyMonkey, and Malwarebytes. The initial draft of this post has already become my go-to resource for helping founders figure out their recruiting growth strategy, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Do you have a strong product market position and are you ready to increase your investment by hiring your first full-time growth employee? Unfortunately, some of the first decisions founders make when they embark on this journey are flawed. The most common mistakes they make are:

Kai Lenny: Discover These Life Of Kai Series Episodes

Today I want to provide a step-by-step framework for building a successful growth team.

They have incredible product-market fit – they have correctly demonstrated a compelling value hypothesis that describes why consumers are likely to use the product. cool

Which help to achieve maximum distribution in the market. Like a product, your growth model needs to be researched, created, implemented and iterated. You won’t be successful right away. I recommend you spend time on this during or shortly after product market fit to ensure your initial traction is scalable.

Leverages of Growth describes ways to influence your company’s revenue growth by changing your customer journey. Growth levers answer the following questions:

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Each growth lever is affected by the movement of growth. The growth movement describes which team or tactic is responsible for the successful outcome of the growth lever. There are many fantastic, proven growth moves that can be applied to each growth lever, such as product, sales/success, marketing, support, community, etc.

Now mix and match, layer and follow the above movements on the growth levers! In acquisitions, you can be driven by marketing; income from production and sales; and product-based retention; If you figure out how to order a product based on an acquisition. Unique combinations, layering and sequencing of enhancements are created, localized to your product and implemented with your enhancement model.

Growth model. So what is your most critical growth lever right now and what is the biggest growth step you can take against it?

While revenue is the ultimate goal of any business, the levers that teams use to influence revenue are deep in the user journey of your product. Relying on financial results as the main guiding principle for decision-making leads to short-term optimization of earnings and limited investment in long-term sustainable growth. Understanding customer progress through a data lens helps you identify not only which growth levers to prioritize, but also where you should focus your efforts for the greatest short- or long-term impact.

One Of A Kind: The Kai Lenny Interview

Whether you’re a marketplace, SaaS, direct-to-consumer, social network, or any other type of business, you can think of your data as the organizational chart of your business.

It can take years to develop a comprehensive enterprise data governance, but once you succeed, you will be driven by the data. First, focus on the “leadership team” to get you to the data-driven stage. Identifying team members takes you into data-driven territory. For more information on data performance stages, see this blog post and a guide to help you find the North Star metric.

Determine the growth driver. The core management team’s job is to come up with the first version of your growth model—the key levers and gears you think will grow your business. Only you know all the nuances of the market, the product and the customer, and therefore you are in the best position to most likely create the first version of the growth model.

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Your growth model, such as product-market fit, is part of the foundation of your business. Product, marketing and growth leaders can help you build and expand initial traction and scale your business for long-term success. However, conducting a growth model with the founding team will help you create an authentic growth model that accurately leverages the strengths of your product market fit and capitalizes on market opportunities. In fact, companies use their growth models to beat their direct competitors. Two examples:

Examples Of Great Job Postings

SurveyMonkey entered the product market in the early 2000s, creating a software solution that gave customers an easy way to receive feedback. It captured the consumer market through an aspirational approach of survey creators who distributed SurveyMonkey-branded surveys to respondents through an informal chain of contacts, serving consumers through product-based self-service channels. A direct competitor, Qualtrics, entered the online survey market through a sales-based acquisition, initially targeting educational institutions. As students gradually enter the workforce and become decision makers, the company has shifted its purchasing power significantly toward corporate buyers, gaining more traction through monetization based on business-to-business sales. A nearly identical product was able to enter and be successful by applying a unique growth model to its product.

So why is it a bad idea to give the growth modeling exercise to the growth manager first?

It is important to understand that the initial growth model is a hypothesis whose assumptions have yet to be proven. Your team has the first task

In almost all cases, you might want to start by hiring a builder to prove the validity of your model. If most of your assumptions are correct and you enjoy early engagement, you should use optimizers to get the most value, stop with innovators, and start iterating the model.

Kai Lenny Surfs The Unsurfable

If your assumptions about the growth model are wrong and you are not seeing the expected results, turn to innovators who can help you develop the model based on the lessons of existing failures, using the optimizer only after you have engaged with the growth model.

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