Lea Nail Bar

Lea Nail Bar – Saskia Ackermann, Caroline Banke, Katarina Baskanov, Julia Dubsky, Hella Henke, Leon Keller, Leah Le Flock, Juliana Lindenhofer, Nadine Lohoff, Vera Lutz, Anne Meerbol, Anton Mosgaard Jorgensen, Filit Rebulken Group, Filit Rebulken, Melken Deltree Rouseymont, Christina Rush, Eileen Shatperashvili, Elisa Wagner, Mirzam Walter, Leila Yenirs, Laura Ziegler

Solo exhibition of Konstantin Krysik Konstantin Krysik (Professor of Industrial Design) presents from September 29 to October 23, 2022 a spatial installation of objects designed by him at ICAT – Institute of Contemporary Art and Transfer. Existing, newly assembled objects. The space he designed is also functionalized in a studio for workshops, seminars and office space.

Lea Nail Bar

Amna Elhassan, The Tea Lady, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm Art and War “Every artist is human”. However true this statement by the existentialist Martin Kippenberger (in an ironic paraphrase of Beuys’ famous quote) is, in many ways it gets to the heart of the matter. On the one hand, it reminds us not to look away, to be (artistically) active and to raise our voice. At the same time, it is also a call to help those who need it. At that time there are many people, many of them are artists. Therefore, it is important that arts organizations discuss not only art but also politics.

Albert Lea Bar Plans Covid Relief Funded Party For Friday Night, Faces $9k Fine

Merlin Reichert, Die Altaglichkeit des Untergangs, der Galerie der HFBK Installation; Photo: Tim Albrecht Graduate Program 2022: We launched on July 8-10, 2022 with over 160 undergraduate and graduate students from the class of 2021/22 presenting their final projects from all disciplines. Under the name Final Cut, all graduation films will be shown on the big screen in the auditorium of the HFBK Hamburg. At the same time, it is possible to see the exhibition of the Sudanese guest lecturer Amna Elhassan in the HFBK Gallery in the Atelier.

Graphics: Nele Willert, Dennis Salinas June is full of art and theory. It has been offering several offers for a long time: a three-day conference on web visibility, where international web designers meet; The research discusses the role of infrastructures of collective free thought; The farewell symposium of Professor Michaela Ottová will deal with the central questions of her research work.

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Renee Green. ED/HF, 2017. Still film. Courtesy of the artist, Free Agent Media, Bortolemi Gallery, New York, and Galerie Nagel Draxler, Berlin/Cologne/Munich. Finkenwerder Art Prize 2022, 1999 Kulturkreis Finkenwerder E.V. The Finkenwerder Art Prize has been launched and is undergoing restructuring: HFBK Hamburg as a new partner is expanding the prize to promote young artists from 2022. Organize an exhibition of the prize-winners in the HFBK Gallery. American artist Renee Greene will receive this year’s Fingenwerder Art Prize. HFBK graduate Frieda Torenzo Jaeger receives the Finkenwerder Art Prize for recent graduates.

Amanda F. Koch-Nielsen, MotherSlugger; Photo: Lucas Engelhardt Sustainability in the context of art and art school im Bewasstseen einer Austehenden fundamenten Gesellschaftlichen Transformation und der nicht evilesentlichen Schrittmacherfunction Strategisch y Koncrete Pragmatisch für die Hochschule zu Entwinkel. den wer, wen nicht die Kunstler* innen sind in ihrer taglichen arbit dammit bifast, das gzebene zu Hinterfragen, genau hinjussan, neue moglichkeiten, y die welt chain assensentsensent,

Lady Dior Lotus Wallet Hazelnut Cannage Lambskin

New studio in terraced houses in Lerchenfeld with the Fritz Schumacher building in the background; Photo: Tim Albrecht Raum für die Kunst After 40 years of hard work, HFBK Hamburg is fulfilling a long-standing dream. Thanks to the newly opened studio building, the painting/drawing, sculpture and time-related media majors will finally have the studio space so urgently needed by graduate students. It should be a repository of their own thoughts, thinking, artistic production, performances, etc.

Martha Simkowiak / Emilia Bongilaz, installation “Mmh”; Photo: Tim Albrecht Annual Exhibition 2022 at HFBK After last year’s digital edition, the Annual Exhibition 2022 at HFBK Hamburg will once again be open to visitors. From February 11 to 13, students of all disciplines will present their artwork in the building at Lersenfeld, Wardenau 15 and in the newly opened Atelierhaus.

Photograph from the Blumensprengungen series by Annette Wehrmann, 1991-95; Photo: Ort des Gegen EV, VG-Bild Kunst Bonn Conference: Counter-monuments and para-monuments. The international conference at HFBK Hamburg 2-4 December 2021 – co-created by Nora Sternfeld and Mikaela Melion – dedicated to the history of artistic counter-memorials and forms of resistance, will discuss the aesthetic and historical manifestations of memory in public space. . And the current paragraph asks about monuments.

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23 Frazen des Institutional Questionnaire, Grafisch Umgesetz von Ron Altamirano auf den Turglasern der HFBK Hamburg zur Jahresasstellung 2021; Photo: Charlotte Spiegelfeld Diversity Who Says? Who draws what motif? Who shows up and who doesn’t? Questions of identity politics play an important role in art as well as in HFBK Hamburg. In the current issue, the university magazine Lerchenfeld highlights the university’s structures and student initiatives in the area of ​​diversity and identity.

Hfbk: Annual Exhibition 2021: Klasse Prof. Jutta Koether

Graphic: Tim Ballaschke The semester begins After three semesters of hybrid teaching in the conditions of the pandemic, we are finally starting another semester of existence. We welcome all new students and teachers to HFBK Hamburg and cordially invite you to the beginning of the academic year 2020/21, which will also include a guest lecture from ruangrup this year.

Photo: Klaus Frahm HFBK Hamburg’s summer vacation is during the non-lecture period, many students and teachers are on summer vacation, and art institutions are on summer vacation. This is a great opportunity to read and follow a variety of topics:

ASA Open Studio 2019, Karolinenstrasse 2a, Haus 5; Photo: Matthew Muir Live und in Farbe: Die ASA Open Studios im June 2021 Since 2010, HFBK has been organizing the international exchange program Art School Alliance. HFBK allows students to spend a semester abroad at renowned partner universities and, on the other hand, invites international art students to HFBK. At the end of their stay in Hamburg, the students exhibit their work in the Open Studio on Karolinenstrasse, which is now open again to the art-loving public.

Study group Prof. DR. Anja Steidinger, Was Animiert Uns?, 2021, Mediathek der HFBK Hamburg, Filmstill Unlearning: Wartenau Assemblies art education professors Nora Sternfeld and Anja Steidinger initiated the thesis proposal “Wartens”. He oscillates between art, education, research and activism. This open space for activism is complemented by a dedicated website with lectures, interviews and events.

The Autistic Athlete

Ausstellungsansicht “Schule der Folgenlosigkeit. Übungen für Ein Anderes Leben” im Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg; Photo: Maximilian Schwarzman School without consequences Everyone talks about consequences: climate change, the coronavirus or the consequences of digitization. Friedrich von Bories (professor of design theory), on the other hand, devoted himself to design without consequences. At school without consequences. Exercises for a new life at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, where they combine objects from the collection with a “tutorial” set up especially for the exhibition. Ideas about the “perfect life” are being challenged.

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The annual exhibition HFBK 2021 is a little different: from February 12 to 14, 2021, the students of the Hamburg University of Fine Arts created different presentations with their professors on different communication channels. Formats range from live streamed programs to video programs, radio broadcasts, telephone hotlines, online conferences and online stores for releases. In addition, rare interventions can be found outside the HFBK and the city.

Public Information Day 2021 How do I become an art student? How does the application process work? Can I also study to become a teacher at HFBK? These and other questions about art studies were answered by HFBK professors, students and staff during a public information day on February 13, 2021. In addition, prospective English-speaking students will have a meeting on February 23 at 2:00 p.m. .

Katja Pilipenko Semestereröffnung und Hiscox-Preisverleihung 2020 On the evening of November 4, HFBK celebrated the start of the 2020/21 academic year and the presentation of the Hiscox Art Prize live – offline and relatively far away.

Lea Stankovic’s Feet << Wikifeet

The transparency of the exhibition with the works of Elena Crijnen, Annika Faescke, Svenja Frank, Francis Kussatz, Anne Meerpohl, Elisa Nessler, Julia Nordholz, Florentine Pahl, Cristina Rüesch, Janka Schubert, Wiebke Schwarzhans, Rosa Thivanllans. It is organized by Professor Verena Issel and Fabian Hess; Photo: Screenshot Teaching art online at HFBK How the university integrates its framework of art education with digital formats and their possibilities.

Alltagsrealität oder Klischee?; Photo: Tim Albrecht HFBK Graduate art course – what next? Cliché pictures

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