Kindergarteners’ Paper Jack-o’-Lanterns in Teacher’s Video Delight Internet

A kindergarten classroom made construction paper lanterns that kids don’t exactly follow the example, but they love the Internet on viral TikTok.

TikTok user @ashanngraf shared the video on Oct. 18, which has since garnered more than 2.3 million views, with the caption, “1st Holiday Craft with my Kinders!” She has over 317,000 likes and over 10,000 comments on her video with the caption.

The video opens with a jack-o-lantern example created by @ashanngraf to show students — a smiling pumpkin made of orange paper on a black background. Open eyes

The rest of the video is poorly played on the Wind and Fire classic “September” recorders set on Earth’s mantle, showing less-than-perfect but lovely results. The baby versions may not have the orange stripes evenly spaced or have more teeth than expected, but they’re still delightful.

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“I prefer the kid versions over the perfect version,” TikTokker @kathleenpikelake wrote in the top comment, which has more than 10,000 likes.

“This is why I love Kindergarten,” wrote @vparker50 exactly.

“These are all the stages my brain goes through every day,” @bubbajay007 wrote.

“Kindergarten teacher here – activities like this are always my favorite. Thanks for the laughs!!!!” Shared by @julesgirl23.

The footage was even posted on Twitter. shared Another 8,000 views collected by @ruemcclammyhand.

“It’s all wonderful,” she wrote. “Tag yourself I’m like a Halloween meatwad,” refers to the beloved character of the Adult Swim series. Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Kindergarten pumpkin jackollantern paper construction tiktok
TikTok showing a kindergarten class attempting to make paper jack-o’-lanterns has taken the internet by storm.
iStock/Getty Images

Paper jack-o’-lanterns are delightful, but a real pumpkin is the norm—and real jack-o’lanterns have been at the center of TikTok trends in the past. One route last year saw people carving their own pumpkins with a power washer. The technique allows for a relaxed, natural look to the carving with the added bonus of having soapy water exiting through the newly created mouth and the inside of the pumpkin.

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“The results are amazing,” says carver Jana Brown. Newsweek at that time. “The kids, especially watching this, love that part.

“The second one we did was we injected him with food coloring to make him green, which was really cool,” she added.

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But other people have taken their time with traditional engraving methods and created some very cool jay-o-lamps. I spoke with artist Brent Pumpkins. Newsweek While he revealed some of his techniques in 2019, revealing that his Beyoncé pumpkin took over two hours to get right, he urged people to remember that squash doesn’t last forever.

“I practically always tell people it’s a squash. Don’t lie about it. But everything lasts on social media,” Pumpkins said.

Once Halloween is over: compost the jack-o’-lantern; It can become bird feeders or food for local zoo animals.

Newsweek We reached out to @ashanngraf for comment.

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