Is this America’s biggest golf addict?

Nolan Krentz is aiming for 18,000 holes played by 2022, or 49.3 holes per DAY.

Wisconsin Golf/Gary D’Amato

You may play a lot of golf. you can play too golf You may play so much golf that you could reasonably be considered a “golf addict.” Whatever your reality, fear not: Nolan Krentz has you beat.

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Krentz, a native of Mount Horeb, Wis., has played some 15,000-odd holes of golf by 2022, an average of more than 46 holes a day. And the best part? He still has two months to go.

The Krentz story comes to us courtesy of Wisconsin Golf’s Gary D’Amato, who followed golf’s energetic bunny through a historic afternoon around Norsk Golf Club, the nine-hole Krentz calls home. On the day D’Amato joined Krentz at Norsk, Krentz held what is believed to be the world record for most holes of golf played in one year, 17,820 in 2021, surpassing the previous year’s record. .also belonging to him.

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“He’s been playing over 15,000 holes every year since he was basically 20 years old,” Norsk bartender Brandon Larson said. “He’s in our parking lot an hour before sunrise. As soon as he can see something, he’ll be playing.”

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Perhaps most impressively, Krentz walks every hole he plays—often at a fast pace—playing up to 72 holes in a day and as fast as 9 holes every half hour.

Adam Schenk swings

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Zephyr Melton

His efforts are believed to be a Guinness World Record, although they are not officially recognized by the record books. For that, Krentz would need a witness for every hole he plays, and for a man who plays 50-plus holes a day until the snow makes it impossible to putt, finding a regular playing partner can be difficult.

“By the numbers it’s a record,” he told D’Amato. “But for the people who recognize (record), it’s not.”

According to D’Amato, Krentz is already at about 15,400 holes played in 2022, but his sights are already higher than last year’s high-water mark of 17,820.

“The goal is 18,000, whether it’s this year or whenever,” Krentz said. “I’m 300 and about nine holes away. Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate. Three years ago, we had snow on the ground for Halloween. You just never know.”

We do At least you know one thing: As long as Mother Nature allows it, it won’t be hard to find Nolan Krentz. At Norsk Golf Club, the hardest part might be catching up.

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