‘Internet Karate Kid’s Brash Attitude for Coach Ends Horribly Wrong As He Becomes the Very Definition of ’F**k Around and Find Out’ Meme in MMA Training

MMA is relatively new compared to practices. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay ThaiOr even boxing match For that matter, this youth sport is gaining traction all over the world and is on par with other martial arts in popularity. So people are teaching themselves the sport. which is good But it’s not very wise to coach an MMA coach.


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Enthusiasm and arrogance do no one any favors. The great student met the same fate in trying to teach the instructor.


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He challenged an MMA coach and immediately regretted it.

A video on YouTube shows a young, rambunctious student trying to teach an MMA instructor about the sport. The video begins with the student explaining the functions of kick blocking and how he can protect himself from any kick. “Whether it’s a kick. It doesn’t matter whether you kick or not.” The student said. Continue with full confidence. “I’m going to get this leg, I’m going to stop you.” The instructor seemed patient throughout the scene and tried to understand the situation.

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When the student challenged the instructor to demonstrate his skills, the instructor offered to take it easy at first. But the learner didn’t like the sound of the music, and although he cursed hard, he didn’t choose the right words. “You’ve been disrespectful the whole time… you’ve been putting me down since I got here.” The student said. That totally took the coach off.

The coach replied, “So how do you feel? Are you sure you want to wear my man gloves? Are you sure you want to play?” The coach tasted the ground not long after beating the brazen student perched on a false throne. So the saying, “History has not been kind to God’s players or coaches” rings true in this case.

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MMA is on the rise.


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Official MMA events didn’t happen until the early 90s. The first official MMA fight was in 1993. UFC 1 in Denver, Colorado. The sport has gained wide acceptance among fans all over the world. Over time, Mixed martial arts has become one of the most popular sports. Big MMA event today UFC PPV A bout with as many numbers as a major boxing match. And I like names. Conor McGregor and many others have inspired many youngsters to learn MMA for its aggressive nature.

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LAS VEGAS, NV – August 20 August 20, 2016 Nevada, Las Vegas Conor McGregor (L) lands a left jab at Nate Diaz during UFC 202 in Las Vegas. (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

As glamorous as the sport is, it still requires the same amount of passion and practice as it did not long ago. It’s a combat sport after all. And there is definitely a graph on the learning process. You have to be patient with the process because of its complexities. There are many online tools for people to learn through sports. It is very good.


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You can best learn the craft of your chosen field by teaching yourself. However, especially in combat sports, mastery cannot be achieved overnight.


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