Internet in disbelief as Dominican Republic family digs up grandmother after 10 years 

Recently, a family in the Dominican Republic discovered their grandmother’s well-preserved body. Margarita Rosario died on May 9, 2012 at the age of 86 and was buried almost a decade ago.

When she was exhumed from the grave, she was reportedly recognized as a living person. Netizens took to social media to describe the shocking incident.

The chilling video was shot outside the La Colonia cemetery in the city of Jarabacoa. In the video, which has now gone viral, the grandmother can be seen with a full head of hair and bones enough to stand on her own, just supporting her. After recovering the body, the family put a white nightgown on the deceased grandmother.

A man can be heard saying in the video.

“Look, he’s the same.”

Another resident who was surprised by the incident, said her grandmother.

“I was a good person in my life. That’s why he’s still being held.”

The third man shouted.

“Unbelievable skin that’s as red as years have passed.”


Antonio Abreu, an employee at the cemetery, said in an interview that he was shocked to see the grandmother’s body intact, covered by skin. He added.

“In 13 years of working here, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

He added that the family believed the grandmother’s body was well-preserved, adding that “thank goodness” she was alive.

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According to Univision’s Primer Impacto, the family removed the grandmother from the tomb to move her to the Jardín de la Montaña cemetery.

Netizens react to the grandmother being killed.

The old man was dug out of the grave, causing netizens to be disturbed. Many people have expressed that they are not comfortable watching the video. Others said they were hurt by the viral clip.

@DailyLoud This is absolutely disgusting and unholy.

Famous people who were exhumed from their graves

Exposing the body is not the norm. Nearly a decade after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, his body was exhumed from its original burial site. Once another grave was built, his body was moved to Illinois. Reburied 1901 in Springfield.

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Lee Harvey Oswald put John F. Kennedy’s assassination conspiracy theories to rest. Many believe that a Soviet Union spy was the one who actually killed the former president, and that he was actually the one in Oswald’s casket.

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Oswald’s wife, eager to settle the matter, agreed to open the casket. Pathologists found that the remains in the casket matched Oswald’s DNA.


Argentina’s First Lady Eva Perón has been excavated several times since her death in 1952. Initially, her body was exhumed because of plans to build a large monument. Her body was later smuggled to Milan after a military coup to oust her husband, Juan Perón, from power. The Argentine government then decided to recover her body. In 1976, her body was finally laid to rest in the family mausoleum in Buenos Aires.


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