Infront extends Clarity AI partnership to meet demand for ESG insights

By Gloria Methri


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in frontin front The full-service provider of European financial market solutions is expanding its partnership with Clarity AI, a technology platform to deliver environmental and social insights. In a renewed partnership, Infront will include Clarity AI’s full suite of ESG data, increasing the data detail it can provide to its clients on one of the most pressing issues.

The first partnership with Clarity AI, concluded in 2021, is more than 50,000 companies; It saw a combined ESG risk score for 320,000 funds and over 400 governments. SFDR Principle for Analyzing and Reporting Adverse Impact; By incorporating the EU Taxonomy and Company Exposures, we provided three levels of data elaboration.

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The completeness of this information will allow managers to more accurately fulfill their sustainability disclosure obligations. Another benefit is that Portfolio Managers can integrate ESG data into investment policies for clients, ensuring that clients’ ESG profile is always reflected in investment decisions.

“We are very excited to expand our partnership with Clarity AI because it gives us wealth managers the tools and unparalleled data coverage they need to make ESG tangible for their clients. As clients become more aware of greenwashing and Millennials who will inherit trillions of dollars, sustainability is very high on their priority list when it comes to investments. CEO Zlatko Vucetic from Infront.

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“Clarity AI’s leading and independent research and data science capabilities are seamlessly integrated into our platform’s workflow to create the useful calculations managers need on sustainability and ESG metrics to create their offerings.”

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Infront,” he said. Daniel Gonzalez, Head of Distribution Partnerships at Clarity AI. “The capabilities, data and insights we’ve provided in the past have shown strong traction on the platform, making it accessible to all of Infront’s clients—a broader set of wealth managers and asset managers alike.”

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