‘Home Economics’ Season 4: Will ABC Renew or Cancel the Comedy Series?

Home Economics concluded its regrettably shortened 13-episode third season on Wednesday with an earthquake-themed finale, and ABC has given zero indication if it plans to bring the underwhelming sitcom back for a Season 4.. (When asked, an ABC rep tells TVLine that there’s no word on a possible fourth season.) And since we hate uncertainty as much as we hate early cancellations, we called up co-creator/showrunner Michael Colton. and John Aboud to get a temperature check on the show’s future.

TVLINE | So… it was this period a the season or a series the end?
MICHAEL COLTON | We hope it is a the season the end. We have hope. We know the internet is very excited about the episode. And we have a very dedicated fan base. We are just waiting for the right people to weigh in. It’s a process. But we are to arrange return. We have many more stories to tell. We have hope.

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JOHN ABOUD | We designed this episode to be the middle of a 22-episode season, a season finale, or a series finale. We planned for every event.

TVLINE | What explanation did ABC give you for ordering only 13 episodes this season versus 22?
COLTON | It was basically a shelf space issue… They have a [set] number of hours in prime time and they have new shows like [Gina Rodriguez’s] He’s Not Dead Yet it’s coming… But it was a bummer. We would rather do 22. We have many stories we want to tell. But every indication we have found is that the Internet is behind the show.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about the season the end. Connor had a bit of trouble after the earthquake. He is running mayor of San Francisco?! Will that stick with a possible Season 4?
COLTON | We have some fun ideas about how to play the mayor when we get Season 4. I think it’s something we can have fun with for a few episodes. It is inspired by the idea that when people have a certain level of wealth they think that maybe they should…

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UP | … to run away everything! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Regarding Denise and Sarah’s IVF journey, why didn’t you get Sarah pregnant? this since his actress, Caitlin McGee, was already pregnant in real life?
COLTON | That would be an easy thing to do. It would certainly save us from having it [to make] holding his pillows and placing baskets of fruit in front of him. Time wise, there were other stories we wanted to tell first. Once the character has that child [becomes their main] stories; it’s hard to get away from that. And there were a lot of other things we wanted to play before we got to that point. And because we have a mixed couple and it’s a specific type of pregnancy journey – the characters are based on my sister and her wife – we wanted to make sure we had a chance to get pregnant. say that trip. And we had us [accelerated the story to sync up with Caitlin’s pregnancy] we would go ahead and start Season 3 with her already pregnant, and [subsequently] he missed the chance to tell some of the stories we want to tell about IVF. In [a potential] Season 4, we would have a way to tell the story the way we want to tell it.

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TVLINE | Casey Wilson was a great addition this season as Harmony. Could he return for more time in a possible Season 4?
COLTON | Anything is possible. It’s a little early to talk about any of that. But he’s funny and he’s ABC sitcom royalty. He added a whole new power. We definitely want him back.


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