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HBO Max has a long gestation Green Lantern The TV series is changing gears.

The drama that has been in production since late 2019 will now feature John Stewart, one of DC’s first Black heroes. The series, from executive producer Greg Berlanti, originally featured Guy Gardner and Alan Scott and had already cast Finn Wittrock (It has been typed) and Jeremy Irvine (A stepping stone) as respective Green Lights.

As part of the creative overhaul, writer and showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith has left the series after completing scripts for a full eight-episode season. Sources say Grahame-Smith, who signed up as a writer and broadcaster a year later Green Lantern announced, chose to abandon the project after facing several government changes at HBO Max, its parent company, producers Warner Bros. Television and now DC Comics.

Decision to reconsider Green Lantern It comes at a critical time for DC. Sources say that John Stewart’s character was off the table for the producers, who envisioned the show focusing on the first Green Lantern, gay Alan Scott and Guy Gardner as well as “a plethora of other Lanterns — from comic book favorites to never-before-seen heroes.” ” With DC Comics stalwart Walter Hamada recently stepping down, the decision was made to start over and build the show around John Stewart, a character who first appeared in the early 1970s and was portrayed by Sidney Poitier. It is important to note that Green Lantern The creative overhaul is unrelated to this week’s news that James Gunn and Peter Safran have been tapped to lead film, TV and animation at DC Studios in a role similar to Kevin Feige’s at Marvel. (Gunn and Safran don’t start their new jobs until Nov. 1.)

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Of the previous incarnation, only Berlanti and his company Warner Bros. Green Lantern. (Co-executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who was originally set to write the pilot alongside Grahame-Smith, was recently removed from the show ahead of its reboot.)

When HBO Max announced plans for Green Lantern in October 2019, Berlanti described it as “the biggest DC show ever made,” with plans for the series to skyrocket. Insiders at the time said it was about to be the most expensive show DC has ever made and easily the most for HBO Max with a budget estimated to be in the $120 million range. (Dragon House, by comparison, it costs less than $200 million.)

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The budget for the ongoing series is expected to be very small as HBO Max, under David Zaslav’s Warner Bros. Discovery combined, focuses on scaling its various assets. As part of the move to seek an estimated $3 billion in cost savings, Zaslav and his division leaders have abandoned several projects including the planned Berlanti. Amazing Adventures anthology for HBO Max, an original HBO series by JJ Abrams Demimonde and ready to be completed Batgirl feature film. (For Demimonde, HBO reportedly balked at Abrams’ request for a budget north of $200 million.)

WBD said in an SEC filing this week that it expects to take $2 billion to $2.5 billion in content-related tax write-offs. Eight of those were previously completed Green Lantern documents are expected to be included in the tax write-off as sources maintain that it wasn’t Grahame-Smith’s creativity that ultimately killed the show’s debut but its price tag.

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As for Wittrock and Irvine, none remain to be signed Green Lantern. Sources indicate that Berlanti Productions is interested in working with both actors when and if the project, which currently has a script-to-series commitment, moves forward. In spring 2021, when Wittrock and Irvine were cast, the show was still being fast-tracked and was due to begin shooting that same year. The project is now on a slower track, similar to HBO, under Bloys and Warner Bros. TV star Channing Dungey. A new series truck has yet to be determined as the project is back in early development.

Representatives for HBO Max, Warners, Berlanti Productions and Grahame-Smith declined to comment.

The HBO Max take is Berlanti’s second stab at the Green Lantern universe. He previously wrote the screenplay (with Michael Green, Guggenheim and Michael Goldenberg) for the 2011 Ryan Reynolds-starrer produced by DC. The film was met with negative reviews and was considered misleading. It grossed $219 million against a $200 million budget.


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