Fresh Nail

Fresh Nail – Gel polish – fresh yogurt, 10 ml Gel polish – fresh yogurt, 10 ml gel polish – fresh yogurt, 10 ml gel polish – fresh yogurt, 10 ml gel polish – fresh yogurt, 10 ml gel polish – fresh yogurt, 10 ml gel polish – 1 ml fresh yogurt, 10 ml gel polish – fresh yogurt

Forget uneven and peeling colors, have long-lasting and beautiful high-quality glitter.

Fresh Nail

All gel products are available in 10 ml bottles with a brush, and some are available in 3 ml bottles.

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Pink Butterfly Press On Nails, Glass Accent Nail Design

Gently stroke with a brush and apply the gel polish in the air – now you will get a smooth and beautiful surface.

Curing time with UV lamp: 2 minutes, with LED lamp: 1 minute – 20 seconds, with 48 V dual LED lamp: 30 – 20 seconds.

The setting time of gel products and gel polish depends on the power of the lamp and bulbs, always check the setting time of the gel or gel polish individually.

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Ingredients: methacrylic acid monomer, methacrylic propyl CI 77891.

There’s Nothing Like A Little Pampering And A Fresh Manicure To Make You Feel Like Your Best Self!

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