Forspoken PC vs. PS5: a clear, surprising choice

While the current generation of consoles have caught some flak for claiming that they won’t be able to maintain their performance in the next era of video games, a console still has one advantage over a PC. Square Enix’s He said. The PS5 brings the advantage over the PC center stage.

I’ll almost always recommend a PC release over a console release. You have more graphic options; A community support system is available for opportunities to optimize your performance and modify or fix your games. He said. It’s a different beast, but if you want to pick it up, you should buy it on PS5.

Speaking of PS5

Forspoken PS5 quality and performance and Ray Tracing

Since the PS5 version, the quality Performance and Ray Tracing You can use three performance modes. Quality has a frame rate that never dropped below 30 frames per second (fps) in my testing. Ray Tracing can move around 30 fps and includes light-traced shadows, but no ambient occlusion or reflections. Finally, Performance mode tries to lock the game to 60 fps; It drops to around 55 fps from time to time, reducing resolution and draw distance.

For clarity, The game uses dynamic resolution to try to keep the frame rate consistent. It sits between 4K and 1440p, with performance mode closer to 1440p and quality mode closer to 4K. These resolution differences can also affect the appearance of the game.

in particular, There are a few things that are noticeable when trying to reconstruct a 4K image in Ray Tracing mode. This is the worst mode, not only because of the strong magnification, but also because of the minimal visual impact of X-rays. He said. (This will be explained in the next sections.)

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In addition to quality modes; He said. A 120Hz mode is also included, but it’s a bit tricky. This limits the resolution, but the game never actually reaches 120 fps. Instead, It outputs a 120Hz signal and manages to achieve 40 fps in Quality and Ray Tracing modes (failure by default).

Forspoken: PC and PS5

Forspoken PS5 and PC quality modes

For testing, I used a PC equipped with a Ryzen 5 5600X and an AMD RX 6600 XT graphics card. This device costs more than the PS5, but it has the same power. You can watch the video above to see the whole collection.

Instead of the variable resolution in the PS5 version, AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2) was used for performance and ray tracing comparisons. The game is also saved at the Standard graphics preset, which results in some interesting differences between the PC and PS5 versions.

Stone comparison between PC and PS5 for Forspoken.

The PC version is worse at first glance. The PS5 version seems to use a better version of those textures, favoring textures closer to the camera. You can see the big difference in the quality of the stones above, although the PC version isn’t as detailed.

Comparison of Forspoken's image quality between PC and PS5.

These enhanced features are available in the PC port at higher quality levels, but the PS5 version handles them differently. In this context, You can see how soft the Frey neighborhood is on PS5. Also, the grass is blurry on the PS5 version while it’s clear on the PC.

On the performance front, FSR 2 does wonders for the PC port with ray tracing enabled, allowing the game to run at close to 60 fps. Similarly, With ray tracing turned off, the PC managed to maintain 60 fps with FSR 2 turned on to Balanced mode, while the PS5 occasionally dropped a bit lower.

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On PC the problem is frame pacing. In quality mode, You can see how stuttering the PS5’s average framerate is, though. If we dig in the next section, it’s the PC Port. He said. No matter how high your frame rate is, It never feels like it’s running smoothly.

Ray tracing comparison of Forspoken on PS5.

Another big area where the PC and PS5 releases differ is ray tracing. The PS5 supports ray-traced shadows, while the PC version supports shadows and global lighting. Unfortunately, It doesn’t do much. Performance didn’t make much of an impact and I struggled to see a difference in image quality.

This may now be a bug. Nevertheless, We recommend disabling ray tracing on PC and PS5.

Major issues with PC Port

Frey uses magic on the Forspoken.

There are two main problems with the PC port. He said. First and foremost is frame pacing. As you can see in the performance comparison above, An equivalent PC can reach higher performance than the PS5, but it doesn’t do it consistently.

I didn’t see any major stuttering issues; Gotham Knights Or Elden Ring There were a few stutters, but the bigger issue was the inconsistent frames. Even with a 60 fps average, Frame time jumped from 16 milliseconds to over 40ms in an instant. Worse is the consistent frame rate, so the window for frame time is constantly changing.

The result is that. He said. It never felt as smooth on PC. Even with FSR 2 available. The game will not be consistent. You can boost your frame rate and the overall performance isn’t bad for low-end hardware. Even with a trick rig. saidAverage frame rate only tells part of the performance story.

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Frame times for Forspoken on PC.

There may be a memory leak. speech Well. After about an hour of playing, I was consistently climbing from just over 6GB to 9GB of memory usage. New sectors cause memory duplication before removing data, but base usage will move.

If you don’t know about memory leaks. As there is no more memory data to play with, usage will gradually increase the longer you play the game. That might explain why. He said. It calls for 32GB of memory for its recommended system requirements.

It’s easy to show a memory leak, but it’s hard to test the effect. If your system doesn’t have a lot of RAM and you play for many hours, expect a gradual decrease in performance as RAM usage increases.

Buy it on PS5.

FSR 2 is a big bump of a PC port. speech But it’s hard to ignore potential memory leaks and the game’s frame pacing. The PS5 version runs much smoother, even if it occasionally drops below the target frame rate.

The good news is that the PC version doesn’t have much of an advantage over the PS5. Ray tracing doesn’t do anything at this point. You can achieve higher frame rates, but the game still runs at 120 fps on PC.

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