Forget The MacBook Pro, Apple Has Something Better

Apple has traditionally limited its hardware options, particularly in its MacBook range. In addition to memory and storage options; surface Choices on hardware elements like ports and physical size are Apple’s decisions that you have no choice but to accept.

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With Apple Silicon-powered MacBook models (both Air and Pro) dwindling to fill some gaps, Apple is taking a major step next year and finally offering something MacBook Air fans have been asking for for years. A bigger screen.

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The details of this new, larger MacBook come from display analyst Ross Young and his regular look at the consumer electronics supply chain. Chris Smith reports.

“… the big MacBook Air rocking a 15.5-inch screen could be here in spring 2023. Interesting. According to Mr. Young, Apple has offered 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air machines for some time, and the smaller 13.6-inch M2 model. The 11-inch model was discontinued for good recently. There is only one option left for air fanciers.”

The screen size is interesting. 15.5 inches diagonally doesn’t match the ‘professional’ MacBook Pro models, which are 14.2 inches and 16.2 inches respectively. Matching that is the display on the latest 15-inch MacBook Pro, powered by Intel’s x86 chips.

When Apple releases the M1 Pro and M1 Max models in 14- and 16-inch sizes, the MacBook Pro will likely be redesigned to accommodate sensitive features like the MagSafe charging connector and the display to accommodate the notched camera and sensors.

The M2 MacBook Air remains in the portfolio, while the M1 Air remains in the portfolio, so Apple can continue to offer a $999 macOS laptop, but not move away from the old and tired Intel design.

The new MacBook Air is expected to follow Apple’s new design language. Maybe the geekerati who follow Apple. But the displayed screen size matches the tired old design. I have a terrible feeling that Apple is about to make another curious choice to create an artificial distinction between its laptops.

However, there is already a difference there. It has nothing to do with laptop size or laptop design. It divides between laptops with enough power for everyday users and laptops with ridiculous amounts of power for professionals.

Previously, if you wanted a bigger screen; You need to go for both a physically bigger device with more capacity. The idea of ​​three good/better/best Apple devices leaves little room for something as obviously inconvenient as ‘big screen but decent amount of power’.

This new model for 2023 will give MacBook users who want a bigger screen a decent choice of a consumer-focused laptop with a bigger screen instead of being sold a laptop with unwanted excess power.

If you’re looking for a bigger screen for your MacBook, now’s the time to look past the MacBook Pro. Apple is on to something better. By early 2023, you’ll get a more affordable model at a more consumer-friendly price point.

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