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Tuesday November 22 NJIT’s Department of Engineering hosted the flag football event at the IEEE Chapter of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a professional engineering society. It’s called Women in Computer Society. Society for Computing Machinery Filipinos in Newark engaging in the sociocultural traditions of NJIT; Co-hosted by the Student Senate and the Geosciences and Remote Sensing Society.

The event was held on the soccer field in front of the Health and Sports Center, and the organizations used the nearby fire pit as an area to serve food and drinks. The participants played flag football on their own; There are options for cheering on other attendees’ teams or spending time by the campfire while enjoying refreshments.

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“One of the main driving forces behind this event was the lack of a football team at NJIT,” said IEEE Public Relations Director Nakul Kochar, a fourth-year computer engineering major. He explained that the same bonding experience for students in high school is attending local games on Friday nights while enjoying the food. However, college students may not have this opportunity.

“Many students who rush into college still have these opportunities at other universities. But not at NJIT,” he added. “We decided to bring that excitement here so that students would have the opportunity to not only play, but watch the game and enjoy the game overall.”

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In traditional American football, one team tries to get the ball into the end zone while running and throwing the ball to teammates. Meanwhile, the other team tries to stop them by kicking a player with a ball. Each player wears a belt with a removable marker, so the flag is different. Instead of tackling players on the ground, opposing teams only need to pull one of the tags.

This safer version of the game has proven popular in its own right. More than 300 participants were recorded, some of whom decided to play the two-hand touch version as well. Karina Tay, sophomore electrical engineering major, IEEE events coordinator, said, “It’s nice to see everyone having fun after the exam, especially since we put in a lot of work.”

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“It happened right before Thanksgiving,” she added. Therefore, it is a good time for students to relax before certain dates,” she added. Although IEEE is known for its study events that help engineering students. The organization has several other events planned for Spring 2023. They include another football or soccer game; campfire hardware product runway; company-sponsored gatherings; LinkedIn Workshop; Includes IEEE Casino Night and much more.

To learn more about these rights, Their Instagram page @ieee_njit or their Highlander Hub page; Follow IEEE at https://njit.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/ieee


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