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DEAR ABBY: I met my boyfriend online last year. He lives in England; I’m in the US and I love him so much and we’re talking about moving together within the next year. The original plan was for him to move, as I am close to my family and have an established job. However, I’m a little worried because he doesn’t drive. Not only because of the learning curve it will take to change sides of the road, but he doesn’t drive in the UK either.

I recently asked him why he doesn’t do it, and he said he’s worried he’ll do it again. He was addicted to drugs when he was young but has been clean for many years. I don’t judge him for his past; I am proud of who he is now. But I’m worried about having to drive both of us when we live together because my city doesn’t have good public transportation. Is there a way to bring a test drive in the US without putting him in a bad place? Or is there no way around this? — MIDWEST ONLY DRIVER

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