Dave Ramsey Said This Is One of the Easiest Ways to Save on Groceries. Is He Right?

Can you try this technique to reduce your grocery budget?

Key points

  • Groceries are a big budget item for many families, and food has only gotten bigger in recent months.
  • Dave Ramsey has a simple and effective solution for saving on groceries.
  • Ramsey recommends making a list — and sticking to it.

Groceries are a budget drain for many people, especially since food prices are constantly rising due to inflation. But you don’t have to just accept that your groceries will lead to big credit card bills. There are ways you can reduce what you spend on feeding yourself and your family.

In fact, financial expert Dave Ramsey has some tips on a simple way to save on groceries — and his tip is one that almost everyone should hear.

Here’s how Ramsey says to save on groceries

Ramsey has a simple suggestion to reduce your food bills.

“If you’re wondering how to save money on groceries, this is one of the easiest ways,” he said. “Make a meal plan and grocery list before you leave home. When you get to the store, stick to the list. Don’t leave room for budget-busting surprises.”

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Ramsey also advised that if you bring your kids with you when you go to the grocery store, ask for their help in both meal planning and finding the items you put on your grocery list.

“It’s a lot easier to stay on budget when you’re shopping with a plan and working as a team… and when you get used to saying no to sweets,” he said.

Here’s why this approach can be a great one

Ramsey is absolutely correct that meal planning is a really good way to cut your grocery costs. And there are many reasons for this.

One of the biggest benefits is that you can avoid impulse purchases, as Ramsey explained. You will know exactly what food you need to buy to make the recipes you have chosen for the week. Since you have a plan about what to eat and what ingredients are needed for it, there will be no reason to go off your list and buy items that add unnecessarily to your grocery costs.

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You can also avoid wasting food by having a plan. If you don’t know exactly what you’re going to do before you go to the store, you may end up buying vegetables or produce or some other item and never get to eat before it goes bad. But if you have a plan to cook and eat on a specific day, this is much less likely to happen.

Finally, you can make your meal plan based on what’s on sale at the grocery store for the week, which can help you save even more money. For example, if ground beef is on special based on the grocery store brochures, you can schedule a few ground beef meals during that week so you can take advantage of the sale and keep costs down. of your dinner low.

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The good news is, meal planning is something anyone can do. You just need to think about what you will eat for each of your meals during the week and then use that schedule to make your shopping list. This process will make all the difference in dropping your grocery costs more than you can imagine.

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