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Creation of Fleetwood Mac’s most famous line was based on Christine McVie’s love for Stevie Nicks. By 1974, McVie had been in the band for several years, joining shortly after marrying founding member John McVie. She was the only girl in an all-male band, a strength she was used to.

Mick Fleetwood was the first member of the band to hear the Buckingham-Nicks song and suggested they invite Lindsey Buckingham to be their new guitarist. But Buckingham told the group that he and Nicks were a package deal.

“Mick came to me and said, ‘They’ve got a girl involved here. You’re going to have to meet her and see if you like her,'” McVie recalled in a 2015 interview. A rolling stone. “And we met and I fell in love with him immediately.”

Nicks and Buckingham would officially join the band on New Year’s Eve, a life-changing decision for the entire group. From the 1975s Fleetwood Mac the band would become one of the biggest in the world. At the helm were three singers, each unique in their performance style and songwriting techniques, but united in creating the soulful rock music with pop sensibilities that would take them to the top of the charts for over a decade until their breakup. the first one suitable. in the late eighties.

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Fleetwood Mac would break up and get back together again and again, thanks to their false, drug-and-alcohol journeys and dramatic splits that would inspire the 1977s. Rumorsan album so popular that it led Notice boardRock charts for the end of this year only.

Enduring it all were McVie and Nicks, a united female force in the face of the male power of rock of the era and their bands. Being a woman in music is constantly being compared and taken for granted another women in music. No matter the genre, female artists are viewed as competing in a narrow competition where few are destined to succeed, even if they all bring something unique to the table.

But McVie and Nicks got the secret, reveling in the fact that there was strength in sisterhood. They didn’t see each other as competition, mainly because they were all so different in almost every way. On stage, they exuded a unique energy and in the studio their styles diverged almost completely. Combined, they were able to play their different selves to each other’s songs, providing a yin to the other’s yang, depending on the song or the day. They were not just musical partners but best friends, searching for friendship and trust as their relationships with their ex-boyfriends/bandmates threatened to ruin the whole thing.

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“We were good on stage,” Nicks recalled Rumors era break-ups in a joint interview with McVie in 2013. “But offstage everyone was pretty angry. Many nights Chris and I would go to dinner alone, downstairs in the hotel, with security at the door.”

The foundation of Fleetwood Mac’s success was the couple’s love and respect. Nicks reiterated that McVie was her best friend in a heartfelt, handwritten tribute following McVie’s sudden death this week. Over the years, Nicks has praised and celebrated what McVie was able to give him, especially during the band’s early days. Five years apart, McVie had experience and wisdom that he readily imparted to Nicks. And they provided important emotional support during the most difficult times.

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“He was my expert and my go-to person for almost everything,” Nicks said Vogue in 2020. “We had to go through that very difficult situation where nobody would leave the band. Christine and I held it all together by telling the three men, ‘Leave because we’re not stopping.’ I thank God I had him, but on the other hand, I thank God he was with me.”


Although the story of Fleetwood Mac has caused a lot of romantic turmoil over the years, it gave us one true and great love story. It was the love between two best friends, an unbreakable bond that made everyone around them stronger.

As Nicks put it: “We really were a force of nature.”


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