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Canopy Design – As summer winds down after the global pandemic shuts down, it’s time to get outside and enjoy all that the sunny season brings. However, from art installations to massive public art projects, designers understand the importance of seeking shade from the sun. The canopy design is a feature that is not often seen, but quietly dominates the summer months.

Even in the colder cities of Europe, protection from the sun is a vital thing we often forget about for those of us who think we can enjoy the outdoors. Unless the plot is too terrible to ignore. To celebrate the start of the seemingly endless summer, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting canopy designs from around the world. Because the shelter does not always have to be useful in appearance.

Canopy Design

During the day, Lumen escaped the brutal summer heat by bathing visitors in cooling clouds, and at night, the robotic knitted canopy—which covered MoMA PS1’s outdoor spaces in summer 2017—came in and bathed New York gallery guests. in light Jenny Saban Studio’s Luminescence photo, a light knit fabric with flexible tubular structures and a roof made of cellular components

Modern Architectural Hail Shade Building Projection Glass Aluminum Canopy Shelter Design

Located in a rural area of ​​Chengdu, Garden Hotpot Restaurant serves traditional food from a pot that boils on the table. MUDA Architects designed the restaurant to have minimal impact on the landscape, resulting in the space having no external or internal walls. Its shadowy “ceiling” is supported by graceful white columns running through the Chinese forest. It is a joy to see everything up close.

Enjoying an average of 248 sunny days a year, the Bouroullec brothers designed a 100-meter-long, five-meter-high installation for the Miami Design District, a canopy that provides shade and – just as importantly – a refuge from the often erratic city. Weather patterns. Installed in 2017 for the Design Miami satellite program, this permanent structure is a larger version of Mobile.

Vases created by French designers for Vitra in 2015 and found on 40th and 41st streets in Paseo Ponti.

The Muttrah Fish Market, designed by Snøhetta, located west of Muscat (Oman’s main port city) on the shores of the Gulf of Oman, is a landmark with an emotive architecture that combines old and new with subtlety and elegance. Inspired by the play of light and shadow, the curved walls and dynamic shaded canopy provide natural ventilation and the all-important informal look. Cloud

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Canopy House: Outdoor Living Area And Kitchen You Will Love!

Metropol Parasol, located in Plaza de la Encarnacion in the old quarter of Seville, is a massive wooden structure designed by German architect Jürgen Meyer and built in 2011. With six parasols in the shape of giant mushrooms, the building is organized on four levels. And it brings together an archaeological museum, a farm, a market, a high square, bars, restaurants and some of the city’s most impressive sights. The old square not only revived the canopy, but also connected past and present functions. Creating a new urban statement along the way.

The annual Burning Man is a quantum kaleidoscope of possibilities in a libertarian city whose citizens completely create everything that happens. With this year’s edition delayed, we take a look at the giant sail-like canopy that Vevolve Labs created for Burning Man 2019.

Named after the first known bird to have evolved from an ancient dinosaur, this bird (pronounced arch-ee-op-ter-rik) is a physical and symbolic reminder that we must strive as humans to succeed as humans. do. With moving elements that mirror the retractable canopy tent,

Designed to bring people together through touch and discovery, it had a 20-foot wingspan and some eye-catching style graphics.

Design Proposal For The Hotel Intergroup In Ingolstadt

Designed in a steel structure resembling a bamboo forest, the Taihu Wuki Taihu Theater – home to the permanent water display of the Italian-born Franco Dragon – was inspired by the Sea of ​​Bamboo Park in Yiqing, China’s largest park, and consists of three parks. Main elements: columns, canopy and building cover. Mimicking bamboo poles, the striking structure comes alive at night, when the building’s roof is lit from below, becoming an ethereal lighthouse visible between a forest of bamboo poles, guiding onlookers and onlookers across the lake and neighborhood. pulls around magical

Located in rural Niger – where markets are usually held weekly and allow vendors to move from village to village – the regional market is a new concept designed by Atelier Masoumi. A permanent market is a special place where residents can buy and sell goods continuously. Referring to the traditional bazaar architecture of the region with columns and thatched roofs, the design of the bazaar is kept simple by creating a colorful recycled metal canopy that is placed at different heights and provides natural ventilation as well as protection from the sun and heat. A wonderful structure complements the vibrant objects on display and protects visitors from the intense sun.

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City Note Cape Town meets Brooklyn, hiding foodies behind pink doors on trendy Barry Street…

City Notes The one and only Pharrell Williams is pleased to announce the opening of his Miami Beach Hotel with Goodtime Attitude…

Leaf Structured Canopy / Sam Architekten Und Partner

Drinking city notes. sleep Record. repetition LA’s Gold Diggers is a hotel, bar and music venue turned dive bar burning up East Hollywood…

Amsterdam Capital Kitchen Amsterdam Dutch artist Maarten Spruit combines art, design and architecture to create a truly inspiring space… The former diamond exchange has been given new life. Style icon and artist Maarten Spruit has been given free reign at Capital C, a creative hub with offices, event spaces, pop-up art galleries, co-working spaces and…

Hotel Toronto Ace’s design evolution continues with an “all-new project” inspired by Toronto’s historic garment district…featuring 123 guest rooms, food and beverage from chef partner Patrick Kreiss, and a rooftop bar and slate lounge. The opening of Ace Hotel Toronto at the end of this year is the first design experience of this hotel brand in Canada. “Basic proposal” of…

City Notes Forget what you thought you knew about the Mediterranean Sea, because Chateau Capitolul introduces us to an unrefined corner of the famous coast… You know the Mediterranean Sea. A long lunch awaits him in an Italian fishing village. sunset parties on the white sands of Ibiza; Yachting and global living in Sardinia. Olives and taste in Greece. These pink salt water ponds, flamingos and old…

Awnings & Canopies

After two restless summers, Iris, the most prestigious festival, returns to Barcelona. Here’s what happened on the triumphant return of Sonar Festival… Shortly after 10pm on the first night of the first day, you know things are back to normal. It’s been two long years of hope and disappointment, false starts and new limitations, but we’re finally back on the fake green grass of the city. Sonar ceilings… are free-floating features that allow visibility through a bare ceiling. Thanks to this open structure, they improve not only the visual appearance but also the acoustics of your room. Wide design possibilities and customized layout as individual modules or in layers emphasize the versatility of metal canopy roofs.

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Introduction to Custom Ceiling Systems 10/6/2011 Lindner “Plafotherm” heating and cooling systems maintain ideal ambient temperatures, thereby improving comfort and performance.

Interviews, Cherah Print, 26.4.2022. Munich-based Ambritt has developed light printing technology that enables architects, designers and planners to create individual lighting solutions and produce them immediately. The founder and general manager of this company said: Dr. Eng. Florian Ilchmann tells us how it all works.

Architecture is a sign of its time 19.1.2022. The Senckenberg neighborhood in Frankfurt am Main has been further completed by cma cirus moser architekten.

Abin Design Studio · The Pavilion Of Canopies · Divisare

The stability of the joy of meeting again 11/27/2019. Many materials, products and processes create: the circular economy is not only environmentally sound, but also aesthetically rewarding.

Features Modern approach to environmental protection 8/29/2019. Sustainable, individual and creative: Lindner designed Trivago’s new headquarters in Medienhafen Düsseldorf.

Cubes REVIEW 25.6.2019. The Lindner Group presented the interior design of the BLOX multi-purpose building in Copenhagen.

Features Structured expansion 4/25/2019. Lindner demonstrates its expertise in creating suitable installation solutions for the conversion of the former Swiss Stock Exchange “Neue Borse Zurich”.

Newfoundland Tower London

SELECTED ISH 2019 is a good choice! 11.3.2019. The Choice Award at ISH 2019 recognizes the best products at the show. Here are the winners.

Independent Bella review 08/06/2018. With the 5-star hotel “The Fontenay”, architects Sturmer Murphy & Partners, in collaboration with Lindner, have created a tribute to the port city of Hamburg.

Project specifications in one place 19.2.2018. Lindner furnished the interior of Brainlab Tower Rim as a general contractor.

Review of jewelry under your feet 10.10.2017. For the innovative design of the underground railway stations along the new “Vehrhahn” line, the architectural firm Netzverkarchitekten uses Lindner roof systems.

Suspended Glass Canopy Design. Close Up Stock Image

Introduction of wood for good sound 27.3.2017. The Lindner Group offers good acoustics in Frank Gehry’s “Pierre Boulez” concert hall.

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