Bold & Beautiful Recap: Deacon Reveals to Hope That He’s the New Owner of Il Giardino

For Bill, he tells Brooke that everything she says is absolutely right. Brooke puts her hand on his chest and tells him that he is a good person and Sheila will only drag him into his darkness. His closeness seems to reach him.

At Il Giardino, Paul brings Deacon a cup of coffee. He takes off his glasses and takes a break from paperwork. Hope arrives and Deacon announces that he is the new owner. “Welcome to Deacon Sharpe’s Il Giardino!” Matuni grunts and grunts, “What!?”

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Deacon explains that he knew the previous owner wanted out and canceled the previous payment. He feels he has found his niche after all these years and reveals a big part of it was wanting to make him proud. He tells her he is. The conversation turns to Sheila. The deacon reiterates that he is in prison and will probably be in prison for the rest of his life.

At Bill’s place, Sheila comes between him and Brooke. He meant what he said – he loves her. He will leave but it has to be his decision, not Brooke’s.
Sheila Bill B&B

At Il Giardino, Deacon is surprised that Hope told Sheila she is free and living with Bill. She exclaims, “Bill hates Sheila!” Hope says something in Bill has changed. The deacon cannot wrap his mind around this. Hope reveals that he has burned every bridge, which may have made him dangerous to Sheila. Deacon still can’t understand them working together. Hope explains not so. Bill and Sheila are together. The deacon swallows and looks distressed.
Deacon answers B&B

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At Bill’s, Brooke informs Sheila that this is not what she wants. He refers to Sheila’s crime. Sheila begs Bill not to let her come between them. Brooke yells, “We don’t.” He begs Bill to listen to him. “You have to trust me,” he pleads. Bill repeats, “You’re right, Brooke. Everything you say is right.” He can’t argue with any of that — Sheila being there is pointless… but it’s what he wants. “That’s what I need.” Brooke’s jaw drops.
Brooke Aghast B&B

At Il Giardino, Deacon doesn’t believe that Bill and Sheila are an item. Hope says many people have confirmed that, including Liam and Wyatt. He adds, “It’s getting worse.” The deacon does not see how he could. Hope says, “They claim to love each other.” The deacon mumbles, “Honey? How is this possible?” He wonders when this started and how this happened. “How long has it been?” Hope doesn’t know but they all really care about Bill. Deacon asks if he thinks Sheila is just using Bill. Hope replies, “Of course,” because Sheila is incapable of love. “What kind of person would have real feelings for Sheila Carter.” The deacon looks down at the ground.

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At Bill’s place, Brooke rants about the danger Sheila presents to everyone in their family. He is surprised that Sheila is using him. Sheila shouts, “That’s enough!” He insists Bill can’t be fooled by him or Brooke. Continuing, Brooke yells, “Shut up! Just shut up and let Bill talk for once!” Sheila says, “He wants me to tell him.” For the first time he has someone who understands and appreciates him. “Something you and your sister couldn’t do.” Brooke teases Bill for thinking this is love and begs him to open his eyes. “He is a danger to everyone!” Sheila wonders why Bill should listen to anything he has to say about love. He writes Brooke’s history and tells her they are all sick. He sees that Taylor almost killed the man he claims to love. Hypocrisy offends him. He knows Brooke can’t stand that Bill loves her. “You better learn to accept.” Brooke narrows her eyes.
Brooke screams B&B

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At Il Giardino, Deacon is still trying to wrap his head around Bill and Sheila being in a relationship. Matauni imagines that he has entered the bad situation of thinking that he has feelings for her after everything he has done. He apologizes for not celebrating his success. The deacon is happy that he found him and invites him to dinner later. Hope agrees and heads out. He warns his father if Sheila calls him to hang up. Deacon knows how to handle Sheila. Alone, she beams at Carter on Halloween, telling him she’s survived and the best is yet to come. “You haven’t seen the last of Sheila Carter.” The deacon pours whiskey and toasts. “You did it, Sheila. You have done it right.”

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At Bill’s, Sheila thinks the blonde needs to leave because she’s making him angry. Brooke asked if Bill would really let her kick him out of his house and defend him. “My God, Bill! Do you have anything to say for yourself?!?” Bill cries that there is a heavy and painful emptiness inside him. His family means everything to him. “You are everything to me.” He put his heart on the line repeatedly for Brooke and Katie and they stepped on it. “You left me. You and Katie, you left me… and that hurt. I have feelings, but I have needs.” Brooke wonders, “Is this what you need? Sheila?!” Bill nods, “Yes. Sheila is what I need.” Sheila tells Brooke she understands Bill, supports him, and loves him. Brooke cries and can’t believe this is happening. “You know what, Bill. I won’t stop until I can get through you. Watch my words.” He informs Sheila that he will not stop until he is in prison rotting inside. “Do you hear me Sheila?! Rotting in prison!” she shouts as she walks out.Sheila hugs Bill and smiles.
Sheila Bill hugging B&B

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