Billionaire Entrepreneur Yohan Poonawalla Raises The Bar For All Aspiring Business Minds”

The entrepreneurial caliber of an individual is determined by his characteristics. Yohan Poonawalla is one such business magnet who has proven his prowess as a prominent name in the entrepreneurial space. He is the chairman of the Poonawalla Engineering Group namely; intervalve Poonawalla Ltd. El-O- Matic India Pvt Ltd and Poonawalla Financials Pvt Ltd. He is also a director of Poonawalla Stud Farms and also Poonawalla Racing and Breeding.

Born and raised in a family of industrialists, he familiarized himself with the language of business during a tender

age. According to Mr. Poonawalla, no school or institution in the world can match the exposure that

one brings about business for practical reasons. Taking cues from the previous generation Yohan holds

immense knowledge about the business world. He received his MBA degree from the United Kingdom and attended several business seminars and workshops.

Mr. Zavaray Poonawalla is the president of Poonawalla Group and is the co-founder of Serum Institute of India, founded in 1966. The Poonawalla Family also owns Asia’s leading Stud Farms in India, exporting champion stallions to the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai. Under the leadership of Mr. Yohan, the Poonawalla Engineering Group diversified its product portfolios and ensured that it maximized customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services.

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In addition, Intervalve Poonawalla has consolidated its position to make a wide range of Butterfly, Gate,

Ball, Globe, Double Plate and Lift Check Valves. Made with precision, quality valves meet

international standards over the years, Yohan Poonawalla and the team have worked tirelessly to offer a one-stop solution in the Valve Automation Industry. Holding a larger share in the industry segment, the company has won several recognitions and awards from around the world for its exceptional contribution to industrial development.

Apart from their various businesses the Poonawalla Group supports and whole range of CSR activities

such as construction, widening and resurfacing of the Road in Hadapsar, named Triq Soli Poonawalla; the development and maintenance of the Gool Poonawalla Garden in Salisbury Park; donations to hospitals—especially a donation towards a state-of-the-art building known as the “Zavaray Poonawalla Cancer Building” with ultra-modern facilities dedicated to the treatment and care of cancer patients at the Ruby Hall Clinic; munificent donations to schools, such as the Soli Poonawalla school, named in memory of his late grandfather. YOHAN PONAWALLA FOUNDATION contributed towards the Shri Sant Gadge Maharaj Vidhyalay for Education, Development and Maintenance of Sports ground and school bus facilities, renovation and renovation of Turf Club House, Pune. Benevolent help to people in need by helping and promoting family planning especially among the lower strata of society. He also extended humanitarian assistance to the beneficiaries of the Poona District Leprosy Committee by outsourcing the manufacturing of some of the components of Intervalve Poonawalla. he also donated to the Pune Police brand new Mahindra Jeeps for patrolling the streets of Pune and beyond. In addition, the billionaire entrepreneur is an avid vintage car and horse enthusiast.

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When he was asked how he manages a legacy established by his family, the entrepreneur said, “The pressure was not only to sustain the business but to grow it. I am lucky to be born in such a family. While I had easy access to run a business, the challenge was to keep the work consistent”. Calling hard work the only substitute, Yohan Poonawalla emphasizes the need for hustling and grinding. “You learn from your experiences and grow in business. I believe that is the path to success”, he continued.

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Apart from having a robust family business as Intervalve Poonawalla, Elomatic India, Poonawalla Stud Farms, he is also a shareholder in the Serum Institute of India, Yohan Poonawalla is the first person in the family to dive deep into other businesses. The businessman made his foray into commercial real estate investments in Pune and Mumbai many years ago


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