Biden Needs to Stop Boasting About the Economy

As the polls tighten on the midterms, seasoned pollster Stanley Greenberg emerged as Cassandra warned Democrats that they need to push economic populism or risk being voted out of the House and Senate by an angry electorate. Greenberg, who was a close adviser to Bill Clinton early in his presidency, is not alone in making this argument. He is repeating the polemics of leftist figures such as Senator Bernie Sanders and journalist David Sirota (Sanders advisor). But Greenberg, with his impeccable mainstream credentials, is more likely to be listened to by party elites who habitually ignore criticism of Sanders or Sirota.

Greenberg’s analysis is best understood as a disagreement with party orthodoxy about the election. This orthodoxy was compactly expressed in tweet from Democratic Strategist Greg Pinelo: “This election is no longer about persuasion. It is about the composition of the electorate. If there is a Kansas effect (it doesn’t have to be that big), Dems will shock the world. If women’s turnout is within historical norms and white women vote GOP at typical rates, we lose.”

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Pinelo’s hasty statement deserves to be unpacked, with its underlying assumptions made explicit. What he is saying is that there is no significant body of swing voters in conflict (for example, voters who may be pro-choice but who are also worried about inflation, so they respond to Republican messages) , or voters who may prioritize the economy as their own. major concern and who will be automatically attracted to the GOP (since the Democrats are offering a weak status quo message on the economy). According to Pinelo’s logic, this will be an abortion election, with the Democrats succeeding or failing depending on the priority voters give to that issue.

Some analysts go further, and warn that even talking about the economy is risky. writing in Guardian, political scientist Cas Mudde, from DePauw University, stated, “Democrats are right not to focus on the economy.” Mudde acknowledged that “the a large majority of Americans they say they personally feel the pain of inflation and believe the US economy is getting worse, not better.” But, he insisted, “Leading on the economy will make these feelings even more important, centering on Joe Biden, whose approval ratings are close to the lowest tag level[hommatulil-presidenzatieg[uul-partitRepubblikanlig[aduaktar fdat fuq l-ekonomija milli l-partit Demokratiku.”

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