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Aua Job Finder – The AUA is proud to launch the AUA Institute for Leadership and Business, a new initiative focused on providing education, training and resources to support leadership development and business acumen in the urology community. The AUA recognizes the tremendous value of business and leadership training for all urology professionals – at all stages of their careers. Whether you are starting your career, seeking career advancement or professional development, or looking to meet the challenges of today’s urology profession, the AUA Institute for Leadership and Business offers programs and resources to meet your needs and professional growth.

As an organization that is over a century old, the AUA is a testament to strong leadership, continually developing and nurturing the next generation of leaders to ensure the organization can survive and thrive. One of our most significant initiatives is the UA Leadership Program, which produced its first graduates in 2005.

Aua Job Finder

Over the past decade, the AUA has introduced several other programs and scholarships that support leadership development, including the Holtgrew Legislative Fellowship and the Gallagher Health Policy Scholarship.

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In addition to leadership development, AUA research shows that members look to the AUA to help them understand and navigate the increasingly complex business environment of medicine, from models of financial practices and contract negotiations to communication skills and trading and operational efficiency. Establishing a formal organization strengthens leadership and business as AUA’s priority and focus areas. AUA is proud to launch the official AUA Institute for Leadership and Business in 2022 with a new full-day course at AUA2022 and a series of new podcast episodes on financial management. We look forward to expanding our offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of our members.

This one-day course, held the day before the annual meeting, provides a thorough introduction to health economics and current urology practice. Following an overview of the clinical practice and economics of various operating models, various compensation arrangements, bonuses, benefits and other aggregate compensation details will be analyzed in detail. Indirect aspects of remuneration models, such as funding and use of advanced practitioners in practice, as well as cost structures are also discussed. Breakout sessions allow for individualized discussions appropriate to the practice environment (academic, health system operational, independent group practice).

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Brandeis University’s AACSB-accredited Executive MBA for Physicians is a 16-month hybrid program that combines face-to-face and online courses designed for practicing physicians. It combines the clinical skills you gain every day on the job with new knowledge in complex areas from health policy and economics to operating system management, high performance leadership and health innovation. AUA members accepted into the program receive a 25% scholarship (~$14,000). More information about the program.

The most prestigious and oldest of the AUA’s leadership initiatives, the AUA Leadership Program is designed for urologists who have demonstrated leadership skills in organized medicine and who wish to develop those skills to become future AUA leaders. This highly competitive program selects candidates from each AUA chapter to participate in a year-long program that includes leadership training weekends, group projects with mentors, participation in the annual Urology Advocacy Summit, networking events at the AUA Annual Meeting and much more. Applications for the 2023-2024 Leadership Program begin in August 2022. Read more about this extraordinary program and its alumni.

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Established in 2007, the Gallagher Health Policy Scholars Program is designed to prepare the next generation of urologists to assume key roles in the health policy arena and help advance the urology health policy agenda. Participants in this annual program complete Brandeis University’s Executive Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management, receiving intensive training on a variety of health policy issues and mentoring from experienced volunteer clinicians; and attend key conferences, including the Annual Urology Defense Summit and other relevant meetings with agencies and legislators. Read more about the Gallagher Scholars Program and its alumni.

AUA’s academic exchange and research programs offer faculty and junior residents the opportunity to gain a global perspective on urology and to connect with (and learn from) peers from around the world. These funded fellowship programs encourage the exchange of urological skills, knowledge and expertise critical to the continued success of urology around the world. In addition to a unique academic and cultural experience, academic exchange programs offer researchers the opportunity to interact and learn from the leadership of the AUA and other international urology associations. AUA’s academic exchange programs are reciprocal programs that include a 2-4 week academic experience at an educational institution(s) and participation in the national association’s annual meeting. During the exchange, participants observe urological surgeries/procedures, visit clinics, give lectures and participate in team activities. Currently, AUA offers exchange programs in Brazil, Europe and Japan. Read more about these unique opportunities.

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The AUA Visiting Scholar programs offer young international urologists a unique educational experience at an academic institution in the United States and participation in the AUA Annual Meeting. During the 2-3 week visit, participants observe urological surgeries/procedures, visit clinics, give lectures and participate in team activities. Currently, visiting research countries are China, Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, Germany and the American Confederation of Urology (CAU). Read more about this unique international program.

Launched in 2018, the Academy of Scientific Mentoring and Research in Urology (USMART) is dedicated to fostering creative and impactful mentoring, matching experienced and talented clinicians and researchers with early-career researchers for scientific and career guidance. The Academy is guided by an advisory group of highly talented scientists with their own strong mentoring credentials, and the program has already achieved measurable success through career advancement, academic achievements and new research funding. Read more about this unique leadership development program. Meet this year’s mentoring group.

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Committed to advancing urology around the world, the American Urological Association believes strong leadership is critical to the future of our specialty. The AUA is launching a Global Resident Leadership Retreat to nurture the next generation of urology leaders and foster connections between residents and interns around the world. This invite-only program welcomes 40 residents from around the world to an exclusive one-day program dedicated to education and leadership development.

The Holtgrew Legislative Fellows Program, established in 2015, prepares and trains urology residents and fellows in the legislative aspects of health policy. As part of the program, Holtgrew Fellows complete the Brandeis University Executive Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management, participate in many AUA policy-oriented activities (including the AUA Summit and the annual Alliance of Specialty Medicine fly-in). ) and participate in legislative committees. and public policy council meetings. As a core activity, Holtgrew Fellows also complete a four- to six-week fellowship with a legislature’s office in Washington, DC. Learn more about this program.

“For urology residents and fellows ready to expand their policy and advocacy experience, the Holtgrew Legislative Fellowship Program is not only meaningful, but transformative.”

The AUA Science and Quality Scholarship Program helps residents and fellows develop an understanding of how the AUA develops and advances evidence-based science. As part of the program, Science and Quality Scholars complete Brandeis University’s Executive Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management, attend the AUA Quality Improvement Summit, attend various AUA meetings (including the S&Q Council and committee meetings) and participate in Epidemiology and Population Health. . Columbia University Summer Institute (online course). The next round of applications will open in fall 2023. Read more about the program.

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Launched in 2018, this popular annual meeting program allows residents and fellows to connect with young urologists who serve as mentors in areas such as contract negotiation, job search, surgical training and leadership skills. The program is open to residents attending the annual meeting, but reservations are required and limited to 25 participants. Read more about this networking event.

The AUA offers training programs and resources to support the practice management team, including a coding hotline, subscription practice manager network, live conferences and on-demand training.

The AUA Practice Managers Network (PMN) offers its subscribers many resources, including unlimited access to a coding hotline, a private online forum on urology practice management careers, training discounts, and more. Paid subscription. see More information.

Consider AUA an extension of your coding team! Call 1-866-RING-AUA (1-866-746-4282), select option 3 and get answers to your toughest coding questions from our team of certified coders. Unlimited access for AUA Practice Managers Network (PMN) subscribers. $75 per shipment for non-PMN subscribers. see More information.

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AUA CodingToday is a valuable tool designed to provide intuitive support for your urology coding needs! Developed by Physician Rembursement Systems (PRS) and supported by the AUA, CodingToday combines AUA’s reimbursement best practices and PRS management support into one comprehensive coding tool. It is considered the online encyclopedia of urology coding. Save time and money to increase your income. see More information.

This two-day program, now available on demand, covers topics that affect urology today.

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