AT&T to give keynote at Immerse Global Summit in Miami

December 5-7 State of Florida through 2022; The VR/AR Association announced today that AT&T will be a major sponsor at the Immerse Global Summit in Miami Beach.

Embedded technologies are an important part of almost every company’s digital strategy. From training the workforce in virtual reality to augmented reality entertainment; As far as gaming and advertising. As a result, The next generation of connected devices and the bandwidth they require are placing more demands on mobile networks than ever before.

Andrew Bennet, AT&T’s keynote speaker at the event, said it markets 5G products.

“Bringing our physical and digital worlds together through immersive experiences is only possible with connectivity solutions like AT&T 5G and Fiber. As the immersive technology ecosystem evolves, AT&T is changing the way the world works; It will change the way people live and play, connecting businesses and our customers to greater possibilities.”

Immerse Global Summit is XR, Metaverse Including the blockchain and connectivity ecosystem is expected to attract more than 1,000 attendees (in person and online/virtual) to the conference venue, the Fontainebleau Hotel. AT&T Meta, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Magic Leap Sony Unity Technologies; Amazon Boeing General Motors University of Miami Agora and emerging company Rooom; Immersal, Emteq Labs; Aequilibrium AMPD Leia Inc. Departure Lounge and many more.

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Miami is one of the most progressive tech cities in the United States. Demand for tech jobs is on the rise, and Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties are among the top markets for growth in tech job positions in the first six months of 2022, according to an analysis by the Dice Tech Job Report. Location the employer Hiring by role and skill.

said Nathan Pettyjohn, host of the Immerse Global Summit as well as founder and president of the VR/AR Association.

“We are delighted to welcome AT&T to the keynote stage at the Immerse Global Summit in Miami. The importance of high-speed and reliable data transfer communication in the metaverse, blockchain; web3, virtual and augmented reality; digital fashion; Digital Humans; More important than what we’re seeing in the new digital ecosystem of business and enterprise.”

said Kris Kolo, global executive director of the VR/AR Association and host of the summit.

“Business leaders in every vertical should attend this event and learn how immersive technologies are transforming their businesses. With many of the world’s most respected companies and thought leaders gathered together to inspire, the Immerse Global Summit will allow attendees to network with game-changing business connections.”

dynamic keynotes at the Immerse Global Summit; business trends; Demonstrations; exhibitions, There will be networking and amazing VIP events. It will showcase the best the industry has to offer.

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Learn more about the VR/AR team here.

About the Immerse Global Summit

Owned and produced by The VR/AR Association (VRARA), Immerse Global Summit is one of the most innovative technology conference series in the world, hosting more than 70,000 attendees over the past two years at its virtual events and in-person conferences. Europe and North America are aligned with the business growth strategy with a commitment to facilitate innovation and creativity through business and consumer technology exhibitions. The sessions will feature the most outstanding business leaders from around the world; inventors A mix of creative designers and product managers has come into play.

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About the VR/AR team

VR/AR Association Accelerating Advances in VR; AR Metaverse is an international organization designed to promote collaboration between innovative companies and people in the blockchain ecosystem, accelerate growth, promote research and education, and develop industry standards. Connect member organizations and improve services. Member companies.


Nathan Pettyjohn

chairman Immerse Global Summit and VR/AR team

Chris Kolo

Global Executive Director; The VR/AR team


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