App created by Native Americans in San Diego launches

“Using these emerging technologies is a great way to capture culture in a broader way,” said Kilma Lattin, co-founder of the app.

SAN DIEGO — Ever wondered what Native American land you’re on?

In a newly released app called Our Worlds, based in San Diego, users are immersed in virtual reality that spans thousands of years to explore tribal territory and culture.

With the Our Worlds app downloaded, you can point your phone at La Jolla Cove and learn that it’s Kumeyaay land.

“It works anywhere in the world, every tribe is represented,” Catherine Eng said.

Eng and Kilma Lattin developed the Our Worlds app in San Diego. It allows users to explore Native American land and virtual reality, such as being inside a traditional boat. Learn about culture through holograms and 3D augmented reality.

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When it identifies indigenous territory; You can click phrases in the native language.

“We have the ability to put indigenous languages ​​back where they belong,” says Eng.

Community and cultural leaders partnering with app developers; doctors Tribal chiefs There are stories from senior citizens and musicians.

“There are elderly people; They have an incredible wealth of knowledge. How do we pass that on to the next generation? It’s the speaker’s voice in this kind of environment,” said Eng.

A mobile-based geospatial immersive reality app to connect people with rich tribal history.

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“With our worlds, what people can do is (from anywhere in Hawaii, Cove Park, or Oceanside, or Ocean Beach, or Mission Valley or San Diego (and the world)) they can experience Native American culture outside,” Lattin said.

SANDAG reports that San Diego County has the largest number of Native American tribes in the United States, but the app is for all cultures around the world.

“The community is not just Native Americans. Everyone comes from somewhere,” Latin said.

Our Worlds is an award-winning educational technology app that Southwest Launch won in this year’s Southwest Launch competition.

“We’re imagining thousands of stories,” says Eng.

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Rich tribal stories to tell in every square mile.

“Using emerging technologies like this is a great way to capture culture in a broader way. When you talk about how deep our platform is; It’s a testament to how complex cultures and civilizations can be,” Lattin said.

The app is currently available on iOS, but will eventually be on Android.

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