America’s Got Talent: All-Stars episode 2 recap

“America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” continued Monday night with the second group of 10 artists performing for a coveted spot in The Finals. The new spin-off series features former America’s Got Talent contestants and all global franchises in a seven-week showdown to determine which ultimate star will claim the title of “Got Talent World Champion.” Long-running series judges Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell i Heidi Klum return to the court of judges with Terry Crews on stage for hosting duties.

All 10 acts featured in the January 9 episode were aerialists Aidan Bryantsingers Detroit Youth Choir i Sara Jamesmusicians Divyansh and Manurajmagician Dustin Tavellacomic Fabulous Jackieventriloquist Jamie Leahydance group Malevohe asks once Tones the headand dancer Vitoria Bueno

In each of these first rounds, only two of the 10 acts will advance to the Finals. One will be hand-selected by one of the judges via the Golden Buzzer and the other chosen by a collection of superfans from across the country. At the premiere on January 2, dance group Light balance for children received the Golden Buzzer from Howie and the Acrobatic Trio beautiful sisters advanced in the superfan vote.

Follow our episode 2 recap live blog of the performances and judges’ critiques below:

8:04 p.m – For this second episode it was decided that Terry would have control over the Golden Buzzer, giving him the chance to send his favorite act of the night straight to the Finals. The first act that vied for their attention were the winners of “India’s Got Talent” Season 9. Divyansh and Manuraj, two musicians who came together as a single act when they first met at their IGT auditions. Heidi referred to her flute and beat boxing performance as “Bollywood meets Brooklyn” and Howie suggested that “the world will love you.” Simon said he loves “acts like this” that are different from what’s already on the market and believes they will stand out from the crowd.

8:13 p.m – Season 17 singer Sara James She received Simon’s Golden Buzzer, but was left in the Top 10. Now a star in her native Poland, Sara returned to the show with a cover of Harry Styles’ song ‘As It Was’. Howie appreciates that Sara can take someone else’s song and make it her own. Heidi called her “a star in the making” and complimented her style which appeals to young children her age in their early teens. Simon said Sara has the ability to communicate what kind of artist she wants to be through her performances and believes she may have had a breakthrough moment with the song.

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8:24 p.m – Season 11 semi-finalists, Argentinian dance group Malevo they came back for a chance to prove they can be champions. Heidi was moved by the intensity of their performance and recognized the passion they displayed. Howie said they brought more energy and more music this time, adding that he thinks they could have their own show in Las Vegas. Simon called it perfection, noting that they set the standard for how everyone else should perform. Simon privately told Howie that he would have given them the Golden Buzzer and they wondered why Terry didn’t.

8:34 p.m – The next act on stage was Tones the head who took his song “B Double OTY” all the way to the semi-finals of Season 8 with the will to be a one-hit wonder. The song climbed the children’s music charts at the time, but now they want to take it to the next level. Simon admitted that the song “got better over time” and called it “amazing”. The crowd reaction made it clear that they were well loved by everyone in the room, but they would have to wait to hear from the superfans if they were to progress.

8:45 p.m – The second champion to return in this group was mage Dustin Tavella of season 16. For his act tonight, Dustin introduced his brand of magic through storytelling to send a message of self-confidence and following your dreams. Heidi called it “another perfect performance of genius” and Howie said he’s one of the best in the genre of being an inspirational magician. Simon argued that he is even better now than when he won the show.

20:58 – Also from season 16 he was a self-taught aerialist Aidan Bryant who finished as runner-up, losing to Dustin. Aidan promised that since the program he has improved in flexibility and lines and is back to show that he can win. Heidi was impressed that she didn’t use any props to hold on and was able to recover from a slight mistake in the air. Howie admitted that individual aerial acts aren’t his favorite, but he did something better than he’s ever done before. Simon called him “one of the most talented contestants we’ve ever had” and called tonight’s performance “a 10”.

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9:11 p.m – 13-year-old Ventriloquist Jamie Leahy was runner-up in season 15 of “Britain’s Got Talent”. She returned as a star hoping to expand her audience thanks to AGT exposure. He and his puppet Chuck the Chicken did some comedy and then sang a song about friendship that was reminiscent of old-school variety acts. Heidi liked that he mixed good comedy with a great voice and said he shone on stage. Howie compared it to Ed Sullivan’s variety show and believes audiences will love this classic aesthetic. Simon said part of his appeal is how charming he is and that he has his own lane of talent.

9:20 p.m – Comedian Fabulous Jackie remember his last set in the Season 14 semifinals wasn’t good, so his return to the stars was about redemption. Her set tonight focused on the milestones she’s achieved since being on the show, including turning 50 and getting married. Howie called her “a joy,” noting her stage presence and charisma. Heidi said his delivery is solid and brings so much personality to his act that it makes him enjoyable to watch. Simon believes he has improved since the show and believes this overhaul will be important for his career.

9:31 p.m – Another act that was runner-up in its original season 14 was Detroit Youth Choir, a group that won Terry’s Golden Buzzer that season. Tonight they sang a remix of the Imagine Dragons song “Thunder” with rap solos and group dance choreography. After his performance, the crowd chanted “DYC” and Simon confessed to being blown away. He called it “just magic, absolute creative magic.” As Simon got emotional, Howie said they radiated more than music and dance making it a thrilling “champion performance”. Heidi said they are not a “snoozy” heart and are amazing. Once again, Terry walked off the stage to stop the criticism, saying that there is no need to go to the superfans because he wants to hit the Golden Buzzer again in honor of the city of Detroit and everything that its manager Mr. White. .

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9:44 p.m – The final act of the night was by an 18-year-old Brazilian Vitoria Bueno, a dancer who was born without arms. He was a Golden Buzzer act who finished second in season 15 of “Das Supertalent”. Heidi thanked Vitoria for coming to AGT so everyone in America could see her, calling her routine beautiful. Simon said perseverance is part of being a star and she is because she has that and a glow when she’s on stage. Howie closed the commentary by noting how difficult it is to do ballet without the arm balance and that makes her elegance on stage even greater.

9:55 p.m – With nine acts remaining on the stage, Terry revealed that the three who received the most votes from the superfan group were Aidan Bryant, Divyansh & Manuraj and Vitoria Bueno. Narrowing it down even further, the next eliminated was Vitoria as third placed. And of the top two, it was Aidan who got the most votes and will be appearing in The Finals again!

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