12 Time-Saving iPhone Tips to Make You a More Efficient User

If you’re looking to cut down on the time it takes to perform certain functions on your iPhone; There is usually a solution hidden in Apple’s mobile operating system. Here are 12 quick iOS tips that will save you more time in the long run once you get started.

iPhone 14 Pro is twice as bright.
This article assumes you’re using an iPhone running iOS 16, but some tips will work on the iPad and earlier versions of Apple’s mobile OS.

1. Quickly convert from numbers to letters.

Switching between on-screen keyboards when you need to type in a number or symbol is a tip to make the transition very quick, as this happens frequently on the iPhone.

Instead of pressing the “123” key to switch to the number/symbol keyboard, hold it down, slide your finger to the key you want, and release. This single action sorts the number/symbol and automatically converts you to alphabetic format without having to do three separate taps to get the same result.

2. Remove the last number in the calculations.

If you type a wrong number in the Calculator app, It is a common misconception that the entire sum must be started all over again. happy If not: Swipe the number field to the right or left to remove the last number you entered, and repeat the operation if you need to remove multiple numbers.

3. Set the Back Tap function.

Back Tap is an accessibility feature that lets you set an action to trigger when you double-tap or triple-tap the back of your iPhone. to launch a specific app or call the Control Center; turn on/off the spin lock; To enable Zoom, You can use it to open the camera or launch a shortcut.

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Double-tap or triple-tap an action; go to Settings -> AccessibilityThen click under “Physical and Motor.” touch. Scroll down and click. Click back.click Two things. Or Three things. To set an action to trigger; Then select the action from the list that you want to trigger.

4. Drag the volume.

When adjusting the volume on your iPhone, Why press volume buttons repeatedly when you can press once and control the on-screen volume bar with your finger?

Lock screen
Not only is it a faster way to increase or decrease the volume; Long-pressing the volume bar in Control Center also gives you more granular control to help you find your sweet spot.

5. Use the Hidden Trackpad.

Did you know that the virtual keyboard has a hidden trackpad? A long press on the space bar will empty the keyboard and morph will allow you to quickly move the on-screen cursor through the text you’ve written.

You probably already know this advice. But did you know that if you tap the trackpad with another finger, you can also select text?

6. Turn off in-app ratings and review notifications.

If you tend to download a lot of apps; You’ll also be familiar with the nag ‘rate this app’ prompts that periodically take you out of your flow.

Fortunately, you can easily turn them off. go away. Settings -> App Store Close the button next to it. In-app ratings and reviews.

7. Long press the Back Buttons.

If you have multiple menus in a system app, such as Settings. You don’t need to press the top left Back button multiple times to return to the top menu. Long press it to get a popover of previous screens that you can tap to jump straight back to.

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8. Take a quick video.

On iPhone 11 and later models, you can shoot videos without switching from the default photo mode. Just press the shutter button to take a quick video in the camera app and release it to stop recording.

Move the shutter button to the far right to continue recording video without holding down the button. As you do, the shutter will extend under your finger and a target lock icon will appear. When placed on the lock, The shutter button will remain there as long as video is being recorded. You can also press the shutter to take a still photo during recording. When you’re ready to stop recording, Click the record button below the viewfinder.

9. Set a faster Timer.

To set a timer in quick time; Call up Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen (if your iPhone has a Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen); Then long press the Timer button. . Slide on the slider to set the timer duration and tap Start.

Control center
Each field on the slider increases the time duration in the following steps: 1; 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 45 minutes and 1 or 2 hours. If you need a longer or more precise duration. Ask Siri to set a timer.

10. Create a Speed ​​Dial Button.

If you are calling the same people on a regular basis. Why not create a speed dial button to call them directly from your home screen?

open the Shortcuts Click on the app. + button in the upper right corner. click Add an action.Then select one of the suggested contacts from the call row. Then click. Share it. Select the button at the bottom. Add to home screen. From the Actions menu, give your shortcut a name and click the icon to select your contact’s photo if you have one. Click Add. To put it on your home screen.

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11. Copy and paste photo edits.

If you have multiple photos that you want to edit in the same way, or if you’ve made changes to a photo that you want to replicate to other photos, Copy and paste the new editing tool in iOS 16.

First, open the image in the Photos app; Then press Edit it. And adjust as you wish. and when he had finished click finish.Then click on Foot drop (three dots) icon in the upper right corner of the interface.

Click from there. Copy edits. In the dropdown menu to copy the image you did to the clipboard. Then open another photo or select multiple photos in your library; Press the button. Foot drop Click the icon again. Paste the edits. To get the same settings.

12. Scroll to the top with one click.

This is an old tip, but one of the best and easily forgotten. Whenever you’re browsing in Safari or scrolling through a long app menu or feed; Tap the status bar at the top of your iPhone screen to back up.

If you have an iPhone 14 Pro and don’t use Dynamic Island. Tapping it performs the same action. Got a favorite time-saving tip not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!


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